FOX News Slams Trump for Being Un-presidential!

You know that there is something horribly wrong in American when EVEN FOX NEWS IS CRITICAL  OF THE PRESIDENT!

4 thoughts on “FOX News Slams Trump for Being Un-presidential!

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  1. His base loves his vulgarity. They see themselves. Their ignorance and gullibility is so profound they think he caringly speaks to their human condition and can’t see he is a patronizing huckster. The republican party is made up of wealthy (or wannabe wealthy) opportunistic sociopaths looking to fleece these fools and millions of plebeian rubes lining up to be fleeced. It is, as Jindal stated, the “party of stupid.” His approval ratings among these knuckle draggers is high.


  2. FAKE NEWS! Failing FOX joins failing NYT, WP, CNN, NBC, and all other failing fake news media that unfairly portray
    Trump in an unfair and negative manner. They’re unfairly detracting his 140-character attention span followers from his in-depth analysis of why America isn’t great yet. They have the audacity to unfairly run video of him saying things he denies he ever said — and then unfairly make unfair negative comments about it, no less. It’s most egregious with failing NBC, which unfairly made millions off “The Apprentice,” and now unfairly refuses to return the favor with “positive” coverage. Disgusting. That I can tell you. Disgraceful. Believe Me. Covfefe. Unpresidented. Unfair. SAD! Looks like it’s time for another rally in Alabama or Iowa, or anywhere else where he’s admired and adored.


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