MUST SEE: Trump’s Outrageous Financial Ties to Russia and Organized Crime!!!

Trump’s son admitted that

“Russians make up a  pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.  We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

Image result for trump russia

Pat brought this article to my attention.  It describes a Dutch documentary, titled The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part 1: The Russians. The first installment of the investigative reporting series, produced by Zembla, does what no American TV network has yet dared to do.  It reveals Trump’s organized crime links and corrupt international business strategies.

This is the documentary.

Notice the CNN story included regarding Russian crime boss Semion Mogilevich.  It is interesting that CNN is the news organization that covered this story and it is CNN that Trump and his son have recently attacked.  MSNBC is without doubt a more liberal news organization than CNN, so I’ve wondered why Trump was so vocal in his attack on CNN and has said virtually nothing about MSNBC.


Thanks Pat for bringing this important story to our attention!


7 thoughts on “MUST SEE: Trump’s Outrageous Financial Ties to Russia and Organized Crime!!!

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  1. Malia is this trump guy threatening Americans with violence by his CNN meme stuff etc? If the roles were reversed, secret service would be knocking pretty HARD with guns drawn in about 60 seconds. Does his position allow this? Government of the people, by the people, for the people, anyone, anyone?


  2. So appropriate you have Don Jr front and center on this article as well as your most recent. He is hitting the news big time today with his admission about meeting with a Russian attorney who might have had dirt on Clinton. I am still confused as to how this story got out and why he admitting to all of this – sounds a bit treasonous to me. This entire family is so slimy.


  3. Is Russia playing trump and trump jr because sanctions are not lifted yet? It all boils down to money. And if no flow of laundry money? there will be no flow of love between mob and trumps. This entire unorganized fiasco is outrageously transparent. I am so thankful for those in position to expose and stop this mess. It is a HUGE mess. Amazing that one family (trumps) and their associations can bring such nasty destruction and embarrassment to Our Country. Trump should have been stop years ago, he is not a good example of a USA business man. He is a disgrace. And he opened a bigly can of worms.


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