“Yikes” Sarah Palin Forgot She’s Not Supposed to Attack Children of Politicians!

“Yikes” was the headline of Sarah Palin, and she took a swipe at Chelsea Clinton.  This was the Tweet of Palin.

This is the picture of Chelsea that was posted along with the article:

Image result for chelsea clinton pregnant

Chelsea hasn’t been pregnant in over a year!  Yet that was the image of Chelsea that Palin promoted through her tweet.  It’s outrageous that Palin would publicize this picture when Chelsea is obviously no longer pregnant.  It’s even more offensive that Sarah has a daughter and son that have each had at least two children conceived out of wedlock, and that Chelsea’s kids came after marriage.  It’s more offensive yet that Palin has been such an outspoken proponent of leaving kids out of political dialogue,but now she is focusing attention on Chelsea.

It was Sarah Palin who said:

“It’s all about the family,” she said. “I’m wired in a way that I can take the criticism. I can take the shots. But any mother would want to protect their children from lies and scandalous reporting.”

Moreover, consider the contrast between Hillary’s daughter and Sarah’s.  These are the books written by Chelsea:


Image result for books by chelsea clinton

Image result for books by chelsea clinton  Image result for books by chelsea clinton

Chelsea focused on the importance of education and persistence for young women.

This was Bristol’s book:

Image result for bristol palin book

That book was focused on the trials and tribulations of being a single,unwed, teenage-mother.

Bristol never attended college. Chelsea  She received an undergraduate degree at Stanford University, earned master’s degrees from University College, Oxford and Columbia University‘s Mailman School of Public Health, and a Doctor of Philosophy in international relations from the University of Oxford in 2014.

Chelsea served on the board of the Clinton foundation.  She has been employed at the consulting firm McKinsey & CompanyAvenue Capital Group, and has served as co-chair for a fund-raising week for the Clinton Foundation., She is now the  Vice Chair for the foundation. She serves on the board of the School of American Ballet and on IAC‘s board of directors.  She has also been employed by NBC as a special correspondent.

Bristol appears to be unemployed, and before that when she did part-time work it was for Dr. Jack-me-off.

Bristol has been known to relieve herself in the street.  Chelsea does not.

Bristol has been known to curse like a sailor.

If Chelsea curses, she has the good sense not to be recorded, and she’s never been arrested!

Your Children are a REFLECTION of You!!!! Sooooo TRUE!Image result for here's to good women

15 thoughts on ““Yikes” Sarah Palin Forgot She’s Not Supposed to Attack Children of Politicians!

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  1. Palin hates the Clintons with such a passion. It would seem she is always looking for something. Who is to say Chelsea cannot speak her mind? Sarah and Bristol certainly do. I hope Sarah comes onto your blog today. You did a great write-up.


  2. Palin says she “can take the criticism”. Hah! Sarah is as thin-skinned as Donnie Drumpf. Also, too, Palin has made Trig’s whole life story a lie. That’s not protecting him. That’s using Trig as a prop, then ignoring him (except for photos).

    Sarah faked a pregnancy to gain political creds and she claimed to give birth to Trig in two different hospitals. So many lies to keep track of.

    Speaking of Track–it seems to me that Sarah may have lied about that pregnancy also. Who’s his bio daddy? Palin doesn’t protect her children from lies, she creates the lies to cover up the truth. No wonder they are such a worthless bunch.


  3. Feeling a little catty, Snowgrift Snookie? Wondering why yer kids didn’t turn out like Chelsea? Take a close look at their Momma. Yer eyes give you away.


    1. What I’ve said from the start, Mike, because she was always too consumed with herself to give a rat’s @ss about them in the first place. Education? Please. Not in that family! I had a DS cousin that lived to be nineteen, and her absolute disregard of Trig when she had the means to give him an honest shot in life infuriated me to no end. The family pet.

      Malia, maybe you can give us some insight on the OH-soooo-in-luvvv’s chances in Texas politics now that they’ve moved there? I never bought the reasons they gave. Trying to get a foot in the door, with Mommie Dearest calling in favors. God help ’em if they ever had to do anything on their own merit!


  4. Sarah has never responded to any video of her numerous paid publicly-intoxicated speaking events, posted everywhere all over the internet forever globally. So now, drunk and stoned, as the videos prove, she’s less apt to mess up by keeping her one-word commentaries simple and safe, such as “Ouch” or “More” or “Faster”, or whatever double-entendre tableshirt-wearing spazzle-spoof BS she can muster been tokes and shots.


  5. Sarah Palin’s jealousy knows no bounds at all. First eight years she oozed her jealousy at the Obama family: parents and children. Now, she’s added Hillary Clinton and her daughter to the mix. A simple enumeration of Chelsea Clinton’s achievements should silence Sarah forever. We saw Chelsea Clinton campaigning on her mother’s behalf last year and we were very impressed. Articulate, intelligent and, at the same time, very considerate of others, including some quite elderly and some quite young members of her audience. I think Chelsea Clinton has an exciting future ahead of her. She was clearly raised by parents who both loved her very much. Sadly, I don’t think the same can be said of Sarah Palin’s offspring.


  6. I don’t see this picture of Chelsea or a picture of a pregnant woman in general as insulting or bad. Lazy maybe to not find a current pic but then how recent are some of the pics that you use? The article isn’t very nice but it’s hardly a hit piece. Btw who or what are “young conservatives”?


  7. Malia – The Wasilla loon doesn’t care about children – hers or anyone else’s. But if someone calls her kid a “retard” she would be ranting and raving. Sarah knew exactly what she was doing when she did this. Her website is stupid. She doesn’t put any effort into it at all. She has an introductory comment such as “Yikes” and then she posts an article written by someone else. When was the last time Sarah was seen in public? Was it in April when she visited Trump at the WH? What and where is she hiding?


  8. Is your middle name manipulative Malia?

    She didn’t choose the picture. Sounds like the person who helps her run twitter commented on an article. She never said anything bad about Chelsea, who has been given a pass TOO many times for political commentary. You’re using this as a chance to attack and slander SARAHS kids, none of whom ACT like celebrities and who value private lives (we know nothing about them like we know the Clintons yet we bully them because their mom is conservative.

    We as democrats are disgusting.


    1. truth hurts bloggers,
      If you read my comments I never slandered Bristol. Everything said about her was factual. I’m sick of SArah acting like Bristol is a victim when Sarah is the one who is bringing kids into the conversation.


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