Sarah Palin Waives to North Korea!

Sarah Palin famously reported that Alaska was so close to Russia that she could see it .

It now appears that Alaska is also close enough to North Korea that Kim Jong Un could order a nuclear strike on Alaska.  Sarah, not realizing who are her friends, might waive to her friends in North Korea.

She famously said “we gotta stand with our North Korean allies.”

Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with aggression from North Korea had two prongs:

  1.  Boasting inaccurately that a fearsome American “armada” was steaming toward the North Korean coast. (The carrier group in question was actually sailing away from North Korea at the time the Trump administration was bragging about its fearsomeness.)
  2. Suggesting hopefully that maybe China would fix everything.

China has not fixed everything.  North Korea just tested a missile that could possibly strike Alaska.    Isn’t it ironic that Palin endorsed Trump, and if he fails to rein in North Korea, it might be Alaska that becomes the target of North Korea’s first nuclear attack on the United States!

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Waives to North Korea!

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  1. Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Calif., Hawaii. It is quite frankly scary right now. With that total nutcase running N. Korea anything is possible.


  2. Palin, wingnuts in general and North Korea all have something in common- none of them have a Seoul. North Korea has the best chance of bagging one.


  3. Does the governor have a contingency plan if the nuke takes out her cell phone connection. Billions killed and half the earth uninhabitable, that’s horrible – but to not hear from the governor and the wisdom she bears would take away all value of all of life, not acceptable.


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