Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to America in 60 Years

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I turn 60 this year.  During my life-time American Presidents have included Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump.  With the exception of Reagan and Bush, and the Vice President taking office after the killing or resignation of a sitting President, we have seen the country turn from Republican to Democrat, and back again.  For all my life Americans have been searching for something in our Presidents that is illusive.  We demand that a candidate for President promise things that we know can’t be achieved.  We desire a President that is a strong leader, but simultaneously be compassionate.  We want an educated, intelligent, astute, person of the people.  We want a person that has been financially successful but humble about it. The President should be a person who advocates peace but a respected Commander in Chief.  Our President should be wise but not old.  Our President should be attractive but not ostentatious.  The President should put family first, but simultaneously ignore that family, putting country first.

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No doubt there is no single person that embodies all we hope for in a President.  No doubt we will have to sacrifice much to achieve greatness for our country.  However simply because we have to struggle to find a solution, we are never justified in surrendering.  We are Americans first, and members of political parties second.  The men and women who have given their lives to protect our freedom were fighting for liberty and justice for all…not just members of their political party, their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, sexuality, or state of origin.

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As a child I celebrated the Fourth of July by saluting the flag, singing America the Beautiful and shooting fireworks at the home of my Aunt Mary who lived out in the sticks of Liberty Mounds Oklahoma.  When my children were young we carried on the tradition, celebrating the day with people from all walks of life, still shooting fireworks, eating fried chicken, and wearing red, white, and blue.

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Last night I attended the Texas Rangers game with 45,000 other Texans.  It wasn’t Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem.

It was somebody singing the national anthem with a country music twang.

But the message was the same.  We celebrated America together regardless of our preference for style of music, condiments on our hot dogs, or the person we voted for in the 2016 Presidential race.  Texas cast 36 of its 38 electoral votes for Donald Trump.  It was the people with whom I was saying the Pledge of Allegiance who helped elect Donald Trump.

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In my 60 years in America, I have never witnessed such a threat to the American way of life.  Even when the twin towers fell, Americans were united.  We knew who the enemy was and we pulled together to help each other.

Donald Trump is now the enemy of America, and we must unite to defeat our common enemy.  It isn’t enough for Democrats to speak out against him.  Republicans, old white men, Evangelicals, and Texans must take a stand.  Trump has challenged everything that makes America great. He encourages hate and violence.  He promotes racism.  He disparages the disabled. He insults women.  He increases his wealth at the expense of taxpayers.  He colludes with Russia to ensure his victory, and when anyone challenges him, they are fired.  Now with his recent allegation of voter fraud, 44 states have said NO MORE.

This is Trump’s attempt manipulate future elections in this country.  This attempted invasion of privacy is the worst of my life-time.  It’s time for the country to demonstrate its patriotism and stand united against Donald Trump.  He is a domestic terrorist and as such represents the greatest threat to our democracy in my life time.  He is so dangerous because he is the President.  He must be stopped.  The citizens of this great country must band together and say NO MORE!  Donald Trump may make America Great Again.  He represents the enemy that we should all stand united against.  We  will truly make America Great Again if we stand together to demand liberty and justice for all.  Celebrate this 4th of July with your fellow Americans standing united against tyranny!

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  1. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ( : The Declaration of Independence clearly states. Happy 4th of July Malia, Thank you for your great site and journalism. Are you sure that Texas did not have a Electoral vote malfunction such many states did ? So many stories about state voting systems and non regulated checks and balances.


  2. When I was in grade school, Russia had invaded Hungary and Poland, and built a wall in Berlin to separate East and West Berlin. Germany was two countries, East Germany was communist. Russian leaders threatened to bury the United States. They had nuclear missiles stored in Cuba for an attack on the U.S.. Then the Russians said they would take over the United States without a war.
    50 years later russia has taken over, using the same tactics employed by the United States, installing dictators, inciting civil war, and creating chaos. Like the US, Russia selected a tool who could be forced to follow whatever directions the Kremlin dictated. Like the U.S., Russia masks the control behind ongoing chaos and misinformation.


      1. The Russian scare in 60’s California. Most everyone feared and was vocal about it. It was a big deal. Today? I fear people do not realize the danger of Russian dictators invading and flexing against usa citizens. I find trump dangerous, I find his supporters dangerous. The strange odd behavior is very un-American. Citizen Uniited/ Republican own it. They built it. And they have a huge mess. Americans have a huge mess.


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