Trump Doesn’t Promote Violence…Except When He Does!

This is the video Trump has posted on twitter:

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said last week Trump “in no way, form, or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence.”


Most people would be smart enough not to post such a video of themselves, promoting violence, after your spokesperson made a point of claiming that you don’t promote violence.  Most people would realize that candidate Trump could promote violence, but that President Trump should not.  By posting this video , President Trump reaffirms that he is a proud advocate of violence both now, and in the past.

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Image result for donald trump violence

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Image result for donald trump violence

8 thoughts on “Trump Doesn’t Promote Violence…Except When He Does!

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  1. Malia –

    I am feeling very sentimental – do you remember the “good old days” with George Bush where all we had to worry about was where he might start another war?


  2. He offers salvation to those who already have a salvation-based god. His base believes abandoning trump is akin to abandoning god.

    Who else offers salvation? The tooth fairy, and Santa Claus, to start. The whole structure of the animal is stuck.

    An oh yeah, the GOP taking away money for the opioid epidemic is an insurance policy for the ignorance to continue – if everyone’s high, no one notices a thing!


  3. Malia – The video of Trump doing a knockdown of CNN was proof that he is getting more and more deranged the longer he is in office! Trump just proved he doesn’t care if his actions cause harm or death to someone in the media, his employees, or his family! Trump is mentally unstable and a complete embarrassment to America!!!! Where is Melania and her cyberbullying agenda?


  4. Trump dictated the new low with his name calling during the campaign. Now he and his minions whine because the media is calling him names. He made the rules, so to speak, but can’t take the heat. He incited the violence, talking about hitting people as police escorted them out.
    It had to be a funny scene with Trump on the toilet calling in an IT guy to edit in the CNN logo on a video. This guy mocks a random hacker living in his mom’s basement. He has no clue that he’s the same guy, Tweeting from behind all his security and bathroom door, attacking people.


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