Jordan Edwards Didn’t Merit a Tweet from the President!

Image result for black lives matter protest
Image result for black lives matter protest
Donald Trump, our President, dedicates himself to all-things Trump.  For the last several days he has devoted substantial time, and Twitter space to exchanging insults with Morning Joe and Mika.  The tragedy of Trump’s inability to focus on anything other than himself is best illustrated by his total silence about the murder of Jordan Edwards in a suburb of Dallas.

Edwards, 15, was murdered by Officer Roy Oliver when Oliver shot through the door of a car Edwards was riding in.  Police reported that they were called to investigate reports of underage drinking at a house party. When they arrived, they heard what they believed were gunshots. A car of teenagers leaving the party was reportedly driving toward the police, in reverse, in an “aggressive manner.” Oliver opened fire, striking Edwards, a high-school freshman, in the head through a passenger-side door. Oliver used an assault rifle to shoot Jordan.  Having been shot in the head with an assault rifle, Jordan died.

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However the reality is that the police shooter lied.  He didn’t tell the truth about what really happened because he was an honest cop.  He only admitted the truth after the dash cam video from his patrol car show what really happened.  The video showed that Edwards was in a car driving AWAY FROM the police car.  There was no threat to the officers.

Much has been made about the shots fired before the murder of Jordan Edwards.  The truth has come out.  Police have confirmed that the shots fired came from a nearby nursing home parking lot.    Officer Oliver was inside the house where the party took place when he heard the gunshots.  Jordan,his brothers and two friends were in the house and heard the shots too.  They were scared by the sound of gunfire and left the party, fleeing for their safety.  Instead of finding safety, they became the target for a vicious unwarranted attack by a police officer.  The officer could have easily killed or injured others in the car as he fired three shots.

Jordan Edwards was a straight-A student and a standout athlete, who was beloved by his schoolmates.  An autopsy of Jordan’s body proved that he has NO alcohol and NO drugs in his body at the time of his murder. Moreover, there was NO alcohol and NO drugs found at the party!  Thus the only crime of Jordan Edwards was being Black.  The honor student did what every parent would hope for.  He attended a party with friends and family where NO drinking and NO drugs were allowed.  The moment he heard gun shots he left the party, not wanting to risk the possibility that he could be mistakenly involved with the discharge of a firearm.  The car in which he rode was driving away, not toward the police.

The police officer, Roy Oliver, was fired, and has been charged with murder.

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The death of Jordan Edwards is clearly a tragedy.  The fact that Jordan was murdered by a police officer makes this an unbearable tragedy.  It is undisputed that there are violent, racist, people in our society.  When they are elevated to law enforcement officers our entire system of government is corrupted.

The only form of stability that we could have hoped for in the wake of such a tragedy is that  the leaders of our country, and the President himself, would console the family, friends, and the entire country.  It was Donald Trump’s job to express the outrage of the country, and to condemn a law enforcement office that abused the trust we placed in him.  But where was Trump?  Was he playing golf with his buddies?  Was he Tweeting about a news reporter with blood coming down her face?  Was he grabbing some pussy?  Was he entertaining white police officers? Image result for trump police

On the campaign trail Mr. Trump said:

“True social justice means a future where every child in every neighborhood can play outside without fear, can walk home safely from school and can live out the beautiful dreams that fill their hearts.”

Yet it appears that what he really meant was every white child!  Trump has not tweeted a word about Jordan Edwards or the tragedy of his untimely death. No words on condolence have been spoken.  No comfort to the family has been given.  In fact, Donald Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has taken steps to reverse some of the measures implemented by Obama to hold police accountable.  Trump himself has been dismissive of the Black Lives Matter movement, and made alliances with some of its most strident  critics.

The inescapable conclusion is that Black Lives don’t matter to Donald Trump.


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