Trump Can Only Do Two Things: Tweet and Take Vacation!

It appears there are only two things that we can rely on Donald Trump to do:  golf and tweet.  In his first 10 weeks in office Trump spent roughly $24 million vacationing.  That was roughly what President Obama spent in his first two years in office.
This weekend he is at his golf resort, Bedminister, in New Jersey.
Trump to spend July 4 weekend at NJ golf club
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For a moment, consider the Trump resort in New Jersey.  It is advertised as:

The good thing is that if any foreign national owns a membership at any Trump golf property, the member enjoys reciprocal privileges at other Trump Golf properties throughout the world.  They include:

  •  Trump National Golf Club – Charlotte
  •  Trump National Golf Club – Colts Neck
  •  Trump Golf Links – Ferry Point
  •  Trump National Golf Club – Hudson Valley
  •  Trump National Golf Club – Jupiter
  •  Trump National Golf Club – Los Angeles
  •  Trump National Doral – Miami
  •  Trump National Golf Club – Philadelphia
  •  Trump National Golf Club – Washington, D.C.
  • Trump National Golf Club – Westchester
  • Trump International Golf Club – West Palm Beach
  •  The Mar-a-Lago Club – Palm Beach
  • Trump International Golf Club – Dubai
  •  Trump International Golf Links – Scotland
  •  Trump International Golf Links – Ireland
  •  Trump Turnberry
In total Trump has failed to divest himself of ownership in 17 golf courses around the globe.
Trump’s financial disclosure report from last July showed nine of those clubs are valued at $50 million each — including Bedminster where he is this weekend.
Today, before a busy day playing golf, President Trump — amid a struggling health care debate on Capitol Hill and ongoing tensions with North Korea — took time to bash Mika Brenzinski once again.  Today he tweeted that Mika  was “dumb as a rock.” This is the third day of tweets attacking Mika Brzezinski.   It was clear that Trump tweeted while on vacation as the earliest attacks came at 8:44 a.m., against “crazy” Joe Scarborough and “dumb as a rock” Brzezinski, instead of the early-morning tweets he posts from the White House.
It is shameful the President Trump lied about working hard for the American people and then, after elected, takes so much time off.  It disgusting that Trump promised to work his ass off, but it only seems to grow.  It is outrageous that the President of the United States attacks a media personality in such a personal way.  It is contemptible  that the President of the United States spends any time focused on such irrelevant matters.  It is astonishing that  after being attacked by his own political party for disparaging Mika, Trump continues to lodge new attacks. It is barbaric that Trump continues to disparage women with remarks about blood.  It is unforgivable that the President devotes any time to such matters instead of the many crisis facing our country.  It is insanity that Trump continues to devote time to disparaging Joe and Mika.  STOP! JUST STOP!

16 thoughts on “Trump Can Only Do Two Things: Tweet and Take Vacation!

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  1. The title picture you ran of Trumps is truly one of the most disgusting ever. It exposes his obese bottom and the very serious problem he deals with every single day – keeping those few strands of hair he has under control. He is physically so repulsive. I have not even gone beyond that – but we all know what his mental/emotional problems are. I sometimes do wonder, though, how he became such an unbalanced and evil person.
    Yes – i remember very well how he attacked Obama for golfing. Seems like a lifetime ago – doesn’t it?
    P. T. Barnum on steroids.


  2. You ought to see him Drumpf in his tennis whites (see through). Drumpf can lie with the best of them. I don’t know how his ability to lie rates, but it is yoooge.


  3. They need to line the bathroom with lead foil……no signal. Many of us are convinced he Tweets on his gold throne. And the time stamp on the Tweets are normal for an old man’s night bathroom schedule. Maybe a good urologist could stop the Tweets.


  4. Malia – This man obese and he must feel miserable packing around an extra 60-80 pounds. That’s why he had to hitch a ride in a golf cart when he was on his overseas trip. He can’t walk up hill. He probably gets winded and short of breath, too. All of that extra fat takes a toll on his bones, heart, muscles, and mind. He’s not the slimmer version of himself anymore and he’s 71 years old so that has to bother his ego. Before he keels over and croaks from lugging around all of that fat, he needs to step down as POTUS and move back to NYC. He can still tweet all of the hate he wants, but at least he won’t be sitting in the WH!


  5. Obama was the dumb ass. Obama spent more time on the golf course than working, but USA is better off. Trump is away as the White House is being worked on. A 200+ year old building that has not been maintained. Trump is NOT on vacation….what morons you are.


    1. allard777,
      It’s funny that you fail to cite anything to support your remarks. I’ve posted an entire article with links to support what I’ve said. Who’s the dumb ass now?

      PS. Trump planned to erect a mausoleum for himself overlooking the golf course at Bedminster. I wonder if he’ll spend any time this trip deciding on the adornment of the mausoleum?


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