Joe and Mika Respond to Trump

4 thoughts on “Joe and Mika Respond to Trump

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  1. The Enquirer printed the story J & M said Drumpf was blackmailing them with. Be alright with me if both sides destroy the other and Dems can clean up the mess and make America a better place again.


  2. We have Joe Dirt running our country, providing entertainment for the world and any possible alien life. Let’s face it the folks who sat home, 44%, on election day are the ones who let this moron in. McCain started this trailer trash reality show when he let the Wasilla Hillbillies in.
    On the plus side, both parties have never looked so ineffective, biased, and totally out of sync with America. You can’t let lazy million and billionaires dictate the living conditions for 99% of us. The world is seeing what happens when wealthy people and businesses try to run a country. It is hilarious how inept these “successful” people are at government.


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