Sarah Palin is Desperately Trying to Stay Relevant, and Make Money

The problems with the suit are obvious.
1.  Under Alaskan law, one of the defenses to a defamation suit is if the statement in question is an “opinion.”   Because the article in question appears in the Editorial section of the Times, it is clearly opinion.  Because Palin has previously …repeatedly…demonstrated her lack of understanding of the First Amendment , it isn’t too surprisingly that she still doesn’t understand the difference between the Times reporting something as fact, and the Times expressing an opinion.
2. Under Alaska law the Times had to make the misstatement “knowing” that it was false.
Certainly the retractions issued by the Times indicates that theirs was a mistake and not intentional.  The day after publishing the editorial, the Times tweeted a correction:
We got an important fact wrong, incorrectly linking political incitement and the 2011 shooting of Giffords. No link was ever established.
We’re sorry about this and we appreciate that our readers called us on the mistake. We’ve corrected the editorial. 
The original editorial is no longer available on the internet.  It seems unlikely that Palin could prevail.  It seems even more unlikely that she could show how this editorial could have caused her to suffer any harm.

Her reputation was ruined when she quit her job as Governor.  Her reputation was ruined when it was revealed that Todd was a pimp.

Her reputation was ruined when she was involved in the family brawl.

Her reputation was ruined when she excused Track’s domestic violence on PTSD when he never served in a combat role.

I predict that Palin will try to turn this suit into another book.  Now that she no longer has a podium from which to attack politicians, she is now playing the victim, and this lawsuit is just the latest attempt on her part to play the victim.


15 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is Desperately Trying to Stay Relevant, and Make Money

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  1. Malia, more importantly, is this the opportunity we have been waiting for all along?
    I’m not an attorney but doesn’t this open up all kinds of things about Palin that the defense team can dig up and use, like sworn depositions and subpoenas and a whole host of other discovery options regarding Palin herself?
    If so, you need to get a hold of the NYT legal team and get busy helping them!


    1. ben,
      Great minds…! I have already reached out to their attorney and sent e-mails. Since Palin should have to prove damage to her reputation,I think a judge might allow …at least discovery…about her reputation and Todd’s. I would offer to be a witness and testify if they wanted me to do so.


      1. You are an outstanding citizen of the world for doing this, an example of not just talking about the search for truth, but taking action. Thank you!


  2. I think she is desperate for money – any amount of money. Such a pathetic has been/never was. Have to wonder if NYT will toss some cash at her just to make her go away – hope not. She has had countless opportunities to be a good person – it is just not in her. Vile and hateful – that is all.


    1. Sarah’s the best. You’d know that if you knew her. She is literally a bright, sunshine-filled day of a personality. FACT, from all her closest friends. She is one of the most charitable people. FACT, as I worked with a company she todd and Bristol volunteered with.

      Its comical Malia acts like someone who knows her but has never met her and reports lies almost daily.


      1. truth hurts, bloggers,
        Please identify a lie that I’ve told and provide your source of information. I’m committed to being accurate when I write something so if thereis something I need to retract, please tell us. I’ll post it.


  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if the good lawsuit (NY Times editorial knew it was a bogus charge and would have to say they’re stupid) caused Sarah to get apologies from people who’ve slandered and abused her and her family for 8 years?

    Would it be possible to draw a comparison between how liberals handled Obama’s partying teenagers and how they handled the Bushs, Palins… NONE OF WHOM ARE DIFFERENT?

    What about blog lies? Gryphen is a manipulative, lying sociopath. He contradicts himself a lot because he makes things up then forgets about it. I’ve noticed this many times.

    And obviously Malia is irresponsible.

    Why are liberals jealous of good families who’ve had a good, humble life?


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