Scary as Hell! Trump Recording Reality Shows on Air Force One

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Huffington Post reports this morning that Donald Trump is recording Property Brothers on Air Force One,so he can watch it in his spare time. Pause for a moment and imagine the big meeting with a head of state, the Governor of a state, or one of his buddies in Russia.  Instead of using the time to prepare for the meeting, studying everything he can get his hands on, Trump watches reality television.  OMG!!!  That is scary as HELL!



8 thoughts on “Scary as Hell! Trump Recording Reality Shows on Air Force One

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  1. Well, I have an excuse to watch “Property Brothers.” I’m in my seventies and retired. Does Trump think that being president of the US is the same as being retired?


  2. Yes our man boob is as bright as the other bright star, our sarah. She is now suing the new York times for the crosshairs gaby story. Just like trump she wants a jury trial, under oath, disposed and documented case.
    Anyone that remembers those times know what palin was suggesting. promoting and influencing. Little miss bo peep aint no angel.


      1. Yes and sara said $75,000 worth of damages. I wonder what type of damages cost her $75,000? The discovery will be interesting and Will she take the stand under oath?


  3. For a guy accomplishing nothing, he sure has a lot of time on his tiny hands. I recall Obama and even George Bush working late into the night, reviewing job related information. This guy watches TV most of the day and ignores all of the sources of factual data from his agencies.


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