Donald Trump E-male Two Shawn Spicer: Have You Herd About the Fake Knews?


President Trump Proclaimed his plan to help pour minors return to work.  That was a Tweet that  seamed to be farely uncontroversial.  We can only imagine what his e-male to Shawn Spicer looked like!


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Deer Shawn,

Ewe gotta do better!  Four months I have bin surrounded with reporters reporting fake knews!  First their was talk about weather I was bawled.  Everyone new I had hare.

Thin they’re were reports that Melania was a just a sects object.

Now their righting that I maid children go too work.  There not beeing fare!  I prey that you put an end two this fake knews!

Your my Press agent so you should sighed with mi.  Hear are sum things I want you to keep in mined:

  1.  I wood knot want MSNBC aloud in a press conference.
  2. The poler ice caps are naught melting.  People are just plane mein wen they say the Wales are dyeing.


3.  If you fined the recordings of Comey, be discrete.  I’m stain away from that aweful dammed controversy about hymn.

4.  What was Kellyanne doing the other knight? I gave her a list of dues and don’ts, just a phew talking points, butt she couldn’t get anything strait.  She still looks aweful.  When I here her speak, she dozen make scents. Tell her to avoid halve truths, and just stick to the fax.

Image result for kellyanne conway funny

5.  I miss the guilt of Mar-a-logo.  Every time I hall my family their, I’m reminded of how much I love hoarses, my whole in won that I got at my golf coarse, and how much I eight the last time I was they’re.

6.  Speaking of food, pleas get me moor meet when I dyne.  Barron would like to halve a hole plait of muscles next time,  more jamb on his roles , and he hates plane sauce on his see bass.  The pastry chef put two much flower in the pi,  and to much Greece in the dow nuts.

7.  The maintenance cruise around the White House is doing a pour job.  The peddle on Melania’s trash can is the wurst ever.  When I have two pea, there is always a peace of toilet paper stuck to the he’ll of my shoo when I leave.  The lynx in the fence around pistil range is reel lose.  The philter in the pull isn’t write  either.

If ewe want two keep you’re job bee moor attentive to the kneeds of the First Family.  Who noes how far ewe could go.  I half tolled you what I kneed, and its up to ewe.  This is knot a veiled threat.  I trussed  you two due the write thing!

Yore’s truely,

The Donald


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