The Trump White House: Out With Blacks, In With Old White Men

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Some say Trump has been a very outspoken racist. Whatever Trump’s current view of Blacks in America, it seems undisputed that Trump has a long and colorful history of discrimination.  The fact that Trump’s only appointment to his cabinet of an African-American was Ben Carson as the Secretary of HUD, is all the evidence you need of Trump’s attitude toward Blacks.  Carson’s only qualification for the job is that he is Black.  The fact that Trump appointed an unqualified Black man to this position indicates Trump thinks that housing is a Black problem, and that it doesn’t need to be fixed.

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Trump,  was once sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against black tenants.  That suit was based on four different Trump employees confirming that applicants for leases were screened by race.  Donald Trump furiously fought the civil rights suit in the courts and the media, but the Trumps eventually settled on terms that were widely regarded as a victory for the government. Three years later, the government sued the Trumps again, for continuing to discriminate.   

Another revealing moment came in 1989, when New York City was consumed by the “Central Park jogger” case, a rape and beating of a young white woman. Five black and Latino teenagers were arrested.  Trump took out a full-page newspaper ads calling for the death penalty. The five teenagers spent years in prison before being exonerated.

Then there was Trump’s blatant discrimination in his casinos.  According to a former Trump casino worker, Kip Brown, who was quoted by The New Yorker:

“When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor. … They put us all in the back.”

 Who could forget Trump’s beginning of his political career by  questioning the citizenship of Barack Obama?

Trump appointed Steve Bannon, who led a right-wing website with white nationalist ties, as chief strategist and Jeff Sessions, who has faced allegations of racism for decades, as attorney general.

Huffington Post reported 16 examples of Trump’s racist attitudes.

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Thus it isn’t “news” that Trump is a racist.  It isn’t news that he abruptly fired the Black woman who was the White House Usher on May 5, 2017.



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It seems that the Trump method of firing is becoming something out of a reality show.  Trump fired James Comey with no advance planning, or consideration for how the people under Comey would react to his firing.  Likewise he fired Angela Reid with no consideration for the people that worked under her guidance.  The White House staff simply reported to work one morning and they were advised that Reid was no longer working there. Reid wasn’t even given a chance to say good-bye to her staff.

Over the last 100 years, only nine people have occupied the position of Chief Usher in the White House.  Obviously it is a position that isn’t typically filled by a person loyal to a particular person, but to the position of President of the United States.  Reid was clearly a competent Usher.  She earned a degree in Hospitality Management from the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft School in Munich, Germany. Reid is fluent in German and Spanish. Other roles for Reid included running the Hartford Marriot Rocky Hill Hotel in Connecticut and the Renaissance New York Hotel in New York City.

Reid was featured heavily in a CNN documentary about President Obama’s last days in office. She gives a guided tour during the piece. Reid explained that her staff are not political and have served under multiple administrations from both sides of the aisle.  Reid was the first chief usher to be dismissed by a president.

Now that Melania and Barron have moved into the White House, the position of Usher has been filled within a few days, by their favorite Old White Guy,  Timothy Harleth.  He was the director of rooms at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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The decision to hire Harleth was announced in a press release from first lady Melania Trump.

“I am so pleased that Timothy will be joining our team,” she said in a statement. “He was selected because of his impressive work history and management skills. My husband and I know he will be successful in this vital role within the White House.”

No one interviewed about this story could recall such an abrupt firing from the White House in the last 20 years.

Melania was born in Slovenia.  Slovenia is predominately white, and one of the most racist countries in the world.  In 2000, Slovenia had an overall population of about 1,970,056 . The majority of the population is ethnically Slovene, a Slavic group. The tiny remainder is Croats (2.7 percent), Serbs (2.4 percent), Bosnians (1.3 percent), Hungarians (0.43 percent), Montenegrins (0.22 percent), Macedonians (0.22 percent), Albanians (0.18 percent) and Italians (0.16 percent). Although women have been granted complete civil and political rights after World War II, feminist groups state that industrialization has not eradicated the traditional patriarchy but has only created a situation where women are exploited. Women are often  treated as sex objects and are still expected to take care of all domestic matters even if they work full-time outside the home.  Thus it is not surprising that Melania married Trump and was comfortable being a sex object.

It is also not surprising that Melania and Donald are more comfortable having an old white man in charge of the White House staff than a Black female.  What is surprising is that they were unwilling to keep Reid as White House Usher just to promote the illusion that they were not racist!

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    1. There’s no point, there’s an entire ecology. Step back from the trees, you’ll see a forest – and that you’re unknowingly lost in it. Or don’t, hon.


    2. Traditionally the position of Head Usher has been given to a person retired from the military. It is quite an honor and, in the course of our history, there have been relatively few head ushers because they traditionally work seamlessly from administration to administration. Working in the White House as part of the household staff has never before been viewed as political. The White House household staff, who serve the presidents and their families with the utmost of good taste and tact, would never want to be seen as part of the political landscape of Washington.

      In Trump’s case, unfortunately, I think that having a head usher who was an African American, just as many other White House personnel are, was simply too much for Trump and the third wife. The pair of them are simply too tacky to believe.

      (I wonder too if the White House household staff has been required to sign confidentiality agreements with the Trumps. What an insult that would be!)


  1. First off it is not trumps house nor his military nor his law enforcement. Trump is a guest. And a very bad, nasty, lying guest of the American people. Trump is a traitor and enemy of America today. He is accused of the unthinkable. His business and personal history is solid lies, lawsuits and deception. His mental illness and actions have caused America time and money. He is a fraud and sits in the oval office under false election results. Trump must be removed and held accountable. The election must be held again under strict procedure and vetting. We cannot allow candidates such as trump to be excused for such terrible personal and business history. America must invest in infrastructure NOT TRUMP.


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