Civil War in America Under Trump’s Leadership

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Imagine the possibility that one state in the United States of America treated another state as an enemy and banned travel to the state.  It would be like America banning travel to North Korea because North Korea doesn’t respect basic human rights of its inhabitants.  That’s exactly what has happened.  The state of California is banning travel to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky due to legislation those states passed that is discriminatory towards the LGBT community.  This is no longer a disagreement on political ideologies, but a violation of basic human rights under the United States Constitution.

A new Texas law lets child welfare organizations deny services and adoptions to families because of “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee are also on the list to be part of the ban as a result of similar discrimination laws.

The California law will ban non-essential travel to the states, but will continue travel deemed necessary to enforce California law.

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What a sad day for the United States. We are no longer the “United” states, and we no longer rely on the US Supreme Court to determine what fundamental rights must be recognized in the United States.
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  1. TSA is ahead of California I’m keeping United States Citizens from traveling by air from certain states to other states. A new law that will take effect starting Jan 2018, if ypu don’t have a passport and a drivers lic and ypu live in specified states ypu will not be allowed to fly outside your state. You may not be allowed to fly at all. Two years after this goes into effect it will be the same to cross borders by car train and truck.


    1. That is the same thing Stalin did in his five part plan to control Russia. In essence, you must have travel papers. I blog on many websites about these things and get dusted off as a John Birch holdout. Now, you see why I opposed Federal Health Care. It’s not because I don’t have compassion. It is do to the identity abuse that will follow. The Democratic party was infiltrated after the Church committee hearings on intelligence community abuses. There are agents of influence working for the Secret government to destroy the party.


  2. Hope to read your blog again tomorrow, and that no nuclear war breaks out while I sleep. If it does, let the bomb incinerate me whole in one quick flash. Toodles.


  3. This war goes beyond our borders. Grenfell Tower may end up being a critical point in a civil war on the 1%. 500-600 poor people were trapped in an oven built to make the view more pleasant for wealthy neighbors. The UK government is understating the body count by not verifying the number of survivors. 42 people perished in one room. Instead of sprinklers and smoke alarms, millions were spent on aluminum cladding that does not meet code. London may be the center of an uprising in developed countries against the wealthy businesses that see poor people as collateral damage in the path of profits.
    The GOP millionaires are dong the same here. They let poor and older people die so wealthy people get more tax breaks. They are killing the EPA and letting ETP and coal barons pollute the ground and air. They understate the dangers of earthquakes in fracking areas and under nuclear waste site and nuclear reactors. They have spent five months in hearings while our bridges, levees, and roads crumble.
    If the 1% is as ignorant as they appear, accepting Trump’s lies as fact, it will be a short civil war. Lost in the celebration last year was a huge spike in gun purchases and CCW permits. I’m in Northern Ohio and the CCW process usually takes a week or less. The wait was six weeks at the end of 2016.

    (disclaimer: I do have my permit but rarely carry unless I’m near a meth lab. Those people are nuts!)


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