Sarah Palin Diagnosed With Leprosy ! Todd Hospitalized for Lost Body Parts

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If you just clicked on this headline, you were the victim of clickbait.  “Clickbait” is a term used to mean something on the Internet whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.  For example

 Supreme Court Justice Scalia — Murdered By A Hooker


 Family Man’ Marco Rubio’s Love Child Stunner!

Raw Story features an article which makes the observation that Sarah Palin has been reduced to running a right wing click-bait site, where she write about “hot” men.

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It’s is rumored that Sarah contracted leprosy from her son, Track.

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The truth is that Sarah Palin has been reduced to trying to generate “clickbait.”  She previously was more careful about how she tried to generate clicks.


16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Diagnosed With Leprosy ! Todd Hospitalized for Lost Body Parts

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  1. I hear caribou generate clicks when they walk. Any truth to that rumour?
    Wingnut Snookie has been reduced to an asterisk in history. Awwwwwww!


    1. mike,
      At this point it is clear that nobody is willing to give Sarah a reality show so she is left to generate clicks. Anonymous sources indicate she is going to use Trig to generate clicks…doing …well you can fill inthe blanks.


  2. This fake news is getting ugly. Making fun of her leprosy is not pc Bringing up that Todd is losing body parts is irresponsible.

    I have tapes of Todd delivering black market body parts. Most of them were clean and fully range free . He does not lose body parts because they are worth a ton of money.


    1. painchipeater,
      Sarah denies that Todd would ever sell body parts,b ut Todd has remained quite about it. I hear he is having a 3 day limited sale on mammary glands. He’s using Sarah to advertise the before and after images.


  3. The Palin celebrity run is down to clickbait and diet juice, PAC all cleaned out. Ah the irony. All of Palin minions are now sending their money to a phony billionaire. He won’t even pay to let Sarah fly economy. Wonder what sexist derogatory term he uses for her.
    The Palin fame clock is at about 14 minutes and 55 seconds………….unless she finally gets charged with for the hustles she pulled.


  4. Malia – Thank you for making my day! The Wasilla loon’s clickbait website is the epitome of “alternative facts”.


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