See Why Trump Supporters Don’t Like this New Video!

Trump supports are not happy with the new video out today making fun of President Trump.  See what you think…

10 thoughts on “See Why Trump Supporters Don’t Like this New Video!

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  1. His supporters are quite hopeless. Various people have done articles as to why his base sticks with. Some interesting views – some feel they cannot admit they made a wrong choice – others keep hoping for him to “do the right thing” – whatever that is – and others think he is a savior. OK. Beyond that – they are all delusional – that is just my opinion.


    1. Pat,
      Before the election I heard one of his supporters say they’d still vote for him even if they saw him shoot someone. After that I realized that these people have no respect for logic, reason, or facts.


  2. Drumpf supporters not happy? Too bad, so sad.

    I heard some of the nutjobs in Appalachia were depending on Dems to control Drumpf’s excesses such as taking their insurance and Medicaid.

    Funny video, even without sound. Almost as good as Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” starring Ronnie Raygun.


  3. When they wake inside from sleep – and see that they have in truth been asleep – they will fall to the ashes of the earth, too late, and weep.

    “Ten thousand men stood at the gates with guns defending the myth.”


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