Trump Defies Reason by Trying to Limit Sanctions Against the Russians!

 A bipartisan group of senators is moving to check President Trump on Russia by bolstering congressional oversight before he can lift sanctions.   Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) predicted to USA Today that the legislation could pass “with 80 or 90 vote.
The bill passed by an almost unanimous vote of 97-2.
Trump administration pushing to weaken Russia sanctions bill: report
Trump is now under investigation by the FBI;  for obstruction of justice and/or for interference in the 2016 election.  It seems that Trump’s firing of James Comey might have ignited the fire beneath this investigation.  Comey confirmed in testimony that Trump wasn’t under investigation.  Now he is.
Every intelligence agency in the government, who has been consulted, has confirmed that Russia did interfere with the 2016 election.

It was surprising that Donald Trump invited his buddies from Russia to visit the Oval Office, the day after Comey’s firing.

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Now, the same week it is announced that Trump is under investigation, he’s making the case for his Russian friends, favoring them over fellow Republicans.  President Trump’s White House is expected to push House Republicans to change the Senate’s Russia sanctions bill to make it more friendly to Russia, according to a new report.

A senior administration official said that the White House is concerned that the bill will hurt U.S.-Russia relations and the administration is hoping to work with Republicans in the House to soften the bill, Politico reported.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) told Politico that he has heard the Trump administration is asking House members to “slow and block” the legislation.

The Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation imposting new sanctions on Russia on Thursday with a 98-2 vote. The legislation also gives Congress the ability to block Trump from easing sanctions without Congressional approval.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson indicated that he thought the bill was too restrictive and should have given Trump the power to unilaterally change the bill,  to adjust sanctions.” 

The legislation would impose new sanctions on Russian individuals tied to “malicious cyber activity” or Russia’s intelligence and defense sectors.

Remember both Tillerson and Trump have known ties to “Russia.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Defies Reason by Trying to Limit Sanctions Against the Russians!

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  1. Have you seen or have you any documentation showing the Russians hacked cyber systems. No! You haven’t. The fact is the Attorney General hasn’t even been briefed. We are to take the word of the secret police? No! The bureaucrats are trying to hang on to their fiefdom.

    Let’s see the evidence?


      1. Malia, “Cyber” is a paid rep. Just keep throwing facts at him. He/she’s one of the hundreds of fake citizens responding to posts, using GOP/Trump mantras. Here’s the plus of having CG. You attracted the attention of the GOP internet political scanners and have your own designated replicant. It will keep posting as long as they see you as a viable threat or it finds a better job.

        Local online news is full of these androids using fake names, responding as if they lived in whatever cities the news is published. You managed to make it on the national level. That said, who ever thought we’d be subjected to something worse than Palin?


  2. So bizarre isn’t it? Both Trump and Tillerson are trying to protect Russia. It can’t get much more obvious. There is something so really weird about this.


  3. I saw an interesting article in The New York Times after reading your article. It is by Mike McIntire and titled “Russia Made Sure Trumps Trademarks Wouldn’t Expire”. In the article McIntire says the trademarks were renewed on election day in November. Hope you find time to check it out.


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