Robert Mueller Enlists the Help of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnel in the Witch Hunt

Robert Mueller has been appointed special counsel to lead the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.  Therefore he has been identified by Trump as the lead witch hunter in America, chosen for his extraordinary skill in sniffing out witches.
Mueller has been given almost unlimited resources to utilize in this witch hunt.  He has already requisitioned a large scale and a duck to assist in his quest.

However, Mueller realizes that he isn’t an expert witch hunter.  He went on-line and found two sources of expertise on witches.  The first was Sarah Palin’s pastor Muthee.  Mueller, being the savvy investigator that he is, realized that he could use Sarah Palin to enlist the help of Pastor Muthee.  Mueller fooled Palin by telling her that he needed the help of Pastor Muthee in hunting the witch in Africa that birthed Barack Obama.

Some have suspected that Palin is herself a witch and she befriended Muthee to disguise her true nature.

The second source of expertise that Mueller consulted was Christine O’Donnell. Mueller knew that O’Donnel was both an expert in witchcraft, although she denied it, and a Trump adversary.


The real fake news is that Trump is a transgender witch.
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He lurks in bathrooms across the country.  The challenge is to identify which bathroom he uses.  It is reported by anonymous sources that Mueller is himself searching the men’s restrooms, and he has recruited Palin and O’Donnel to search the women’s restrooms.  O’Donnel is motivated to find Trump to bring an end to his Presidency.  Palin is motivated by a desire to stay relevant, even if it is as a latrine inspector.
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Mueller himself admits that he is engaged in a witch hunt, and Trump is the target.  Mueller cited evidence uncovered so far of Trump’s connection to McDonalds.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection between Trump’s love of McDonald’s, and witches!
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