Trump Declares His Birthday to be a National Holiday!

As my previous post reveals, today is Donald Trump’s 71st birthday.

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Sean Spicer hasn’t announced yet what the President will do to celebrate his birthday, so we are left to speculate.  Here’s what I imagine Trump will do:

  1. He’ll declare June 14th as a national holiday.  People around the country, along with members of the cabinet, will take off work to spend time paying tribute to our amazing President.

2.  Trump is giving himself a surprise party and invited some of his best buddies.

Image result for trump russian ambassador

3.  Trump has ordered the White House Chef to bring him his favorite foods.

Image result for trump kfc

Image result for trump kfc

Image result for trump kfc

Image result for trump ice cream

4.  Trump is transforming the White House to the Gold House, and memorializing his occupancy of the house.

Image result for gold house

5. Trump has announced a new policy that pictures will no longer be allowed in the National Mall for security reasons.

Image result for national mall trump

6.  Trump has announced a new design for the $20 Dollar Bill.

Image result for trump dollar bill

7.  Trump declares a National insect.

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8.  Trump declares that the national bird will no longer be the eagle.

Image result for trump funny bird

9.  Melania’s gift to Trump for his birthday is a dog.


Image result for trump funny dog

10.  Sean Spicer has announced the designation of a new national plant…the bush.

Image result for spicer bushes meme

11. Kellyanne Conway has announced a new line of Donald Trump microwave ovens that include a camera feature.

Image result for funny kellyanne conway

12.  Trump just announced a new type of beauty pageant…its called “Miss American Trump Woman” and the contestants have to allow Trump to grab them to enter.

Image result for funny trumppussygrabber

13.  Trump asked for the Pope’s blessing on his birthday.

Image result for trump pledge of allegiance gif

14. Melania wasn’t very happy about being married to a 71 year old man.

Image result for melania gif

15.  Ivanka is planning a surprise present for her daddy on his birthday.

Image result for ivanka trump gif

16.  In celebration of his birthday, Trump will give every veteran a sticker to commemorate their service.

Image result for star stickers


Image result for trump veterans funny

17.  Trump announced a special party for his Muslim friends, who have a net worth in excess of a billion dollars,  where he’ll serve them a special cake.

Image result for mosque cake

Image result for trump funny muslim

18.  People on the invitation list to the surprise birthday party had to pledge their loyalty to Trump or they’d be removed from the list.  James Comey’s name was removed.

Image result for james comey

19.  If we could go back in time, we’d tell Trump’s daddy to take precautions 9 months before Trump’s birthday!

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6 thoughts on “Trump Declares His Birthday to be a National Holiday!

Add yours

  1. OMG!
    Malia, I am dyin’ with screen induced laughter.
    You just gave me a really nice birthday present on the orangutan’s B-day.

    And my birthday is not until February of next year!
    Thank you for some much appreciated hilarity.


  2. Such a funny collection of pictures and quotes!! Although, I must ell you I like ice cream cones. After seeing Trump’s face on that one I may never be able to enjoy one again.

    No doubt you are knee deep on the shooting in VA. Unfortunately – also one in San Fran today. The world gets crazier and scarier every day.


  3. Your post = Not™ Fake™ News™

    Just a quick recap of his birthday:

    1. Morning – mass shooting of House GOP ball team.
    2. Afternoon – 200 Representatives file federal lawsuit against him.
    3. Evening – Muehler officially declares him under investigation, for the same charges that took down Nixon.


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