Watch Testimony of JeffSessions NOW

9 thoughts on “Watch Testimony of JeffSessions NOW

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  1. He just said “as the Lord allows me.”

    LOCK HIM UP!!!!

    He’s hiding behind religion!!!! That’s what ISIS does!!??


  2. His head is Charlie-Brown-round so as to distract and divert attention from the square brittle thorny nature of his soul.


      1. Sessions IS stonewalling!!!!! LIAR SESSIONS LIARrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Fuck you sessions!!!!!!


  3. We are pissed that sessions did not show up to this damn thing.

    I was great that that old hillbilly elf got to sit in the chair.


  4. I guess they should be thankful he remembered to wear clothes and attend the hearing. As the nation’s top attorney, he sure couldn’t remember much.
    Despite his poor memory, he had the presence of mind to go into long rambling off topic speeches. He used that to reduce the number of questions from “hostile” investigators. The GOP moderator kept cutting off the investigators when they tried to bring Sessions back on topic. The whole thing seemed rehearsed on the GOP side.


    1. aj,
      What attorneys know is that the way to keep from committing perjury is to say you don’t remember! Then if you “don’t remember something” that did happen, that you should have admitted happened, if the real facts come out, you don’t go to jail because who can prove that you actually remembered but lied! It’s like a red flag to any lawyer that if a witness says “I don’t remember”they are lying. Otherwise they would just say “NO” and then they’d have to defend their statement by proving that they just didn’t remember. By saying “I don’t remember” it eliminates that step in the evidence if they are ever accused of lying under oath.


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