Trump’s Cabinet of Sycophants Act Like Trained Monkeys

This was Trump’s first cabinet meeting:

It seems the business of the day was sucking up to the Donald.  It was so outrageous that the meeting became the subject of late night comedy.

These cabinet members have had their pictures added to the dictionary under the definition of “sycophant.

It was so bad that Chuck Schumer posted this parody of the cabinet meeting:

It was like watching monkeys perform.  It was as if it didn’t matter what they were really thinking, but only had to make Trump feel good.  The challenge for them was to think of something positive and different to say about the Donald.

Watching the video of grown-ups praise the President in such an obviously insincere way, and watching Trump reveling in the praise, is certain to evoke feelings similar to this little boy’s.

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Cabinet of Sycophants Act Like Trained Monkeys

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  1. Malia –

    Was hoping you would do an article about this. One of the cringe-worthy things I have ever seen. These people have no morals. Sick.


  2. Donald has many bitches.
    All kidding aside, how poor is your self esteem if you allow yourself to be degraded in front of the whole country? These people need to be remembered and kept our of public office. What clads a person to sell their soul for this level off abuse?


  3. I couldn’t bear watching all 11:11 of the Donald’s toadies, suck-ups, and flatterers tripping over each other in this heavyweight love-fest. After it was over, did he consult with Jared and then award a gold medal to the most obsequious, shameless, groveling ass-kisser in the room? Disgusting, disgraceful, and gross! Oh my!


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