Trump and Mar a Lago are Drowning

Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement designed to curb global warming surprised many.  Trump hasn’t denied the fact of global warming.  He hasn’t even denied that man is contributing to it.  He simply doesn’t care.  It seems Donald Trump is more interested in making the country profitable instead of making America a healthy place to live.

On June 14th, Trump will turn 71 years old.  The average life expectancy for a man in America is 76 years old.      Given Trump’s weight, eating habits, and stress, it seems he’ll by lucky to make it to 76.

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If he does live to be 100 it seems that he’ll be able to watch his precious property Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, become submerged in ocean water.  In 30 years it is predicted that the grounds of Mar-a-Lago will be under at least a foot of water for 210 days a year because of tidal flooding along the intracoastal water way.

Ironically, the president has reportedly proposed to eliminate the budget for a federal program called Sea Grant which designed to help the area  deal with the effects of a changing environment.

Other Trump-owned properties are at risk too.  They include the Doral golf course in Florida and a golf resort in Ireland.

In fact, Politico reported last May that Trump’s company had applied to build a protective wall near the latter seaside property, citing “global warming and its effects.”

Trump is drowning in political turmoil.  His properties are being submerged in ocean water and he doesn’t seem to be aware of the signs that caution the swimmers.

His Presidency is being submerged in scandal and he seems equally oblivious.

Perhaps he never expected to be elected President, so every day that he serves is more than than he expected.

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  1. He really is a dope. A useful idiot to russia. And fox no news continues to feed their sheep lies and deceit and the FCC does nothing about it. Agencies assigned to protect and secure our utility infrastructure must do their job and stop fox and friends hannity, jones, rush, brietfart etc from brainwashing usa citizens. Citizens/Taxpayers must demand that the agencies do their job. There is no use for fake news, alt news or the russian KGB spy agenda to hire the biggest liar on earth to lift sanctions and attempt to stomp on our constitution. Trump has committed treason, espionage and obstruction of justice along with many other charges. His enablers have committed the same. Putin must be arrested and charged in the international court of laws as a dangerous dicktater. His actions have affected many countries and outcomes.


      1. Some of those viewers will not change the channel or even question the host. It is simply amazing and zombie like along with weird,


  2. Is it possible have tsunami’s in New Jersey also, too, then yet?
    I hear tRump can’t swim very well and isn’t expected to float……


  3. Malia, thanks for raising the issue the news media totally ignores, Trump is one of a number of politicians who are building sea walls due to “non existent climate change.” The irony of this problem is right out of a Monty Python movie.

    Mar a Lago is actually going to flood sooner than that 30 year mark. The combination of current sea levels, high tide, and storm surges, especially hurricanes, will push the Atlantic Ocean on to the Trump resort. The sea coast is full of luxury homes owned by politicians and the 1%, and they are well aware of the rising waters.

    The ultimate insult from Mother Nature will come to D.C., which is below sea level. The nation’s Capitol is currently at risk from the same forces that will flood the Unsecured Southern White House. There is a documentary somewhere, maybe PBS, that shows the impact of sea level and tides combined with a hurricane surge that will flood that area now. It’s not if, but when.
    Sit back and enjoy hurricane season. See if this is the year our science deniers get a message from Nature delivered right to their workplace.


  4. I lived on a farm for over 40 years. During that time I watched the ducks and geese eliminating their bodily discards. when Trump talks, he always screws up his lips just like the back end of a Duck or Goose. spews out the same thing. pure manure.

    This man deserves no honor from anyone. This country has been guilty many times of some pretty dark things, but Trump is the darkest. Will we ever regain respect, honor again? I am 84 now, and don’t think I’ll ever see it, and wonder if my children will ever see it.


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