Sarah Palin is Still On the List for a Brain Transplant

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Sarah Palin is so stupid she

…just inspired the slogan  “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

…if she spoke her mind, she’d be speechless.

…she stares at frozen juice cans because they say, “concentrate”.

…she got the brain transplant she’d been waiting for but her body rejected the brain.
…ordinarily people live and learn; she just lives.

…she uses “incorrect” for her password on the computer, so the computer will remind her when she forgets her password.

One of the first posts on this blog 7 years ago was entitled that If Ignorance is Bliss, Sarah Palin Must be Ecstatic!    Much has changed in the Political world, but the ignorance of Sarah Palin remains static.  It is something you can count on.  Life changes, politicians come and go.  Yet Sarah Palin’s ignorance is dependable and predictable.  She refuses or is incapable of learning.  She hasn’t even learned how to hide her ignorance.  She hires people to write for her and doesn’t spend time to read or understand what they write.  She links to other articles and doesn’t think about what has been reported.  Her latest post regarding the testimony of James Comey is a perfect example of her profound ignorance.

 Sarah posted an article to her Facebook:

“FLASHBACK: Trump Called Out For “Loyalty Pledge” But Obama Did The EXACT Same Thing…”

This is the picture Sarah posted to go with the article:

Palin suggested by the article that Obama had asked for  the loyalty of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

For Palin to suggest this comparison is perhaps the most foolish thing she’s ever done.  Not onlydid she get her facts wrong, but she obviously doesn’t understand why those pesky facts matter.

  1.  Obama didn’t ask for the “loyalty” of Gates, Gates volunteered to  the President that he would be loyal.  It was something Gates offered to Obama.  THere was no pressure put on Gates by Obama.  There was no issue of coercion.
  2. Gates was the Secretary of Defense.  James Comey was the Director of the FBI.  The Secretary of Defense reports directly to the President as the Commander in Chief.  The Secretary of Defense is not supposed to operate independently of the President.  The Director of the FBI is.
  3. GAtes was not charged with conducting an independent investigation of Obama, or his administration.  Comey was charged with conducting an independent investigation of the Trump administration.

In an interview with Face the Nation host John Dickerson interviewed former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who explained how loyalty to the President should look.

Dickerson asked Gates to explain where he draws the line of “duty, loyalty, and personal convictions.”

Gates says he spoke with former president Barack Obama during his presidential transition, “you do not know me, can you trust me? How do you know you can trust me?”  The former Defense Secretary said, “you can count on me to be loyal. I will not leak, I will keep my disagreements with you private.”  Gates concluded, “And if I cannot be loyal, I’ll leave.”

In fact Gates was asked in the interview to discuss the importance of being a credible person in the President’s administration:


Gates explained:


Loyalty means doing what you think is in the best interest of that person as well as the country. And often, that loyalty means telling them things they don’t want to hear. It’s not being sycophantic, it’s not telling them how wonderful they are every day. It’s being willing to tell them the days they’re not wonderful. And when you think they’re making a mistake.

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In fact when asked specifically about the firing of James Comey by Trump, Gates described the event as “not terribly well done.”  He explained that before removing a senior official, the President should get “all your ducks in a row.”  Gates explained that a sitting President should ensure that everyone in the administration should be on the same page,understanding the reasons for the firing.  If possible there should be a person identified as the person to be taking over who should be announced at the same time as the firing.  In Trump’s case he contradicted himself about the reason for the firing, and didn’t have another person to take over in Comey’s absence.  Gates explained that the replacement should be someone of “impeccable integrity.”  Trump had no one, and has no integrity himself.

Gates explained that it was important to take a professional approach when replacing a senior official because replacing a senior official is always going to get a a lot of attention.  In fact Gates goes on to identify the “media firestorm” that has occurred over the last couple of days as an example of the expected outcome of a President not being strategic in the way he fired a senior official.  Thus the interview with Gates was a specific explanation by a prominent retired official of the reasons that Trump’s firing of Comey was such a disaster.

For Sarah Palin to use this interview as an example that President Obama did the same thing as Trump is a clear indication that either Sarah Palin is stupid (i.e. she didn’t understand what Gates said) or lazy (i.e. she didn’t listen to the interview)… or both.

Sarah please stop talking!

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11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is Still On the List for a Brain Transplant

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  1. And never -quite-important- Sarah should still be worried about national security and ….”when Putin rears his head” over Alllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaska.


  2. Snowgrift Snookie’s brain is only found in other winguts. They have extensive flat spots from having been sat on for like -forever. They are also of some monetary value since they have had little to no use through the decades.


  3. It’s just another “butwhatabout?” false equivalence. Straight out of the Faux/Rush/Breitbart/Infowars playbook. Balance in all things. 10 and 20 are equal if you hear it from the right source. Sarah’s message is sure to resonate with hard working, law abiding, church going, patriotic, dumbass white Americans. The best in 21st Century thought.


  4. I almost couldn’t fart for a bit when I saw that on her website. Her ignorance, manifesting more of itself, produces only more of the same level of ignorance. She requires a separate, unaffected, outside stimulus/impulse, in order to see what she previously did not see. She literally believes she can give herself a blood transfusion with her own blood, and thereby become healthy. The protection of archaic literalism will mean the death of life on earth if people don’t let go and stop digging in. There is no permanence, no certainty – not out of error – but because there is no permanence, no certainty. Get used to it!


  5. Malia have you seen this one from YouTube? Its unbearable, but maybe true?
    SARAH PALIN. Satanist with Male Hips.Next Gen TRANNY!!
    Apostle Laura Lee – Church of Philadelphia


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