Trump Lies About Being Willing to Testify

Trump has declared that he is 100% willing to testify regarding question raised by Comey’s testimony.  Saying you are ready, and actually testifying, is 100% different.  Trump will refuse to testify on the advice of counsel.

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12 thoughts on “Trump Lies About Being Willing to Testify

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  1. Trump will testify and clearly state he was guilty of all counts.

    We had a meeting at the supreme Taco Bell court this afternoon. The guy who puts sour cream in the tacos stated it best. If you lie about a lie while telling the truth the lie becomes the truth or something like that.

    It was so confusing that it was tested on a table full of mouth breathing supporters. They all agreed or disagreed depending on what they were told to say. His support base is solid.

    To expand his base he is enacting a lbt commission ( labodomys for trump) will make his base as solid as a rock.

    As mom used to say if you truly want to be happy get a labotomy and you will always be smiling.


  2. He will refuse to testify on advice of counsel just like he refuses to release his tax returns on advice of counsel. He is a bullshit artist.


  3. One of the biggest points the media is missing and fails to examine is “at that time.” The GOP is using the sound bite, not under investigation. They leave out a critical fact. The statement refers to during the campaign, not any time after. So Come used that time frame to shut Trump up.
    Trump and the media are too dumb to ask “What about now?” Come implied that Trump is under investigation now by referring various questions to private meetings or saying he cannot comment. And, Comey has been out for a month, so he has no idea who all are now under investigation.
    Another question not asked “Why would an innocent man be so obsessed with the issue? If you are innocent, it never enters your mind. Trump has been harping on it since day one.


      1. Ever notice when a special counsel is needed, Dems choose a moderate wingnut to be fair and wingnuts choose wingnuts to try to gain a body they can control to get the desired results?


  4. Trumps entire campaign and collusion with russia is obvious, in your face, out of their rushin minds educated at russian spy school agenda. Reality, trump and putin are clearly documented over last few years and further back. How did trump make it through FEC vetting process? He had a buddy working there. This was no accidental scam, it was somewhat planned by somewhat idiots.


  5. I don’t know how the pos sob keeps a straight face as he lies everyday to America… The ass is mentally ill. I dont care what his personal problems are. There is zero excuse for his lies and behavior. He must resign and take his criminal staff with him. Only guilty criminals behave and lie like trump.


  6. Even if trump were to testify, he would plead the 5th and/or claim that he didn’t recall. He needs to be removed from The White House and take his corrupt minions with him before they totally destroy the U.S.A.
    I wish the gop would for ONCE, put the country over their stinkin’ party! They are complicit AND corrupt!I
    If it weren’t for Russia/Putin, trump wouldn’t be POTUS and he wouldn’t have a pot to piss in…he owes them and they own him, BIGLY!
    ACT UP.


  7. I agree Malia; trump had the Russian’s IN The White House without OUR press and he shared information that was damaging to our country…where was (is) the outrage? Can you IMAGINE if President Obama (PLEASE COME BACK!!) did ANYthing CLOSE to THIS?
    TrumpelThinSkin, his minions, AND the gop need to go-lock them up!



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