Sarah Palin Proves She Is an Idiot!

A lot of people have suspected that SarahPalin is an idiot! Now Sarah has herself provided proof!

First it was her suggestion that we build dikes to solve the Gulf Oil Spill that caused even Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to indicate he had no respect for her.

Then it was her explanation of Paul Revere’s ride that convinced most people that she is a total idiot.

However both of these episodes came from interviews where her defenders could claim that it was the liberal media trying to take advantage of poor Sarah.

Now we have proof that Sarah can prove, without the help of the main stream media, that she is in fact a certifiable idiot.

It was a Facebook post that Sarah created that got  people’s attention.  She took a strong stand in support of Trump’s highly objectionable decision to withdraw from a global warming agreement, warning her Facebook readers with a meme that intoned, “Don’t be Fooled! The Paris Climate Accord is a SCAM.”  That observation was sufficient to convince most that Palin should be institutionalized.  However, the picture the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee used — featuring well-dressed people celebrating — was pure fake news.

 Image result for palin fake newsRelated image

The picture she posted depicts a group unlikely to support either the idea of man-made climate change or the Paris accord: highly conservative Republican members of the Florida House of Representatives on the chamber floor.

Palin deleted the post after Politico reported her error.

Florida Republicans and insiders couldn’t stop mocking and laughing at Palin’s error.

When former Republican Rep. J.C. Planas saw the post, he had to comment on Palin’s web page: “That is a picture of REPUBLICAN Florida Legislators. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

You are such an idiot!!!”


Image result for palin fake newsImage result for palin fake news

13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Proves She Is an Idiot!

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  1. her bio on sarahpalin website says she has four grandchildren. she in fact has Five Not Four: allegedly 3 from Bristol (slutty whore) and allegedly two from track (violent addict with ptsd, thanks to obama).


    1. She has two from Barstool, and two from Crack, and one named “son” from an anonymous donor. “Son” does not count as a grand child because the internet can’t really determine his origin.


  2. Who the heck is her ghostwriter? As dumb as Sarah is, she could not have done much worse than this person did.
    Sarah is such a lazy person – and keeps coming up looking like the fool.


  3. Some would argue that maggots and Monsanto have taken over whatever remains of the ‘drug and rage ravaged’ contents of her cranium.


  4. The comey hearing was exciting but Sara had a coma hearing that was strange. Although she stood there with her mouth open all we could hear was a rumble in her depends sport diaper.


  5. Some things are patently obvious. Imagine a laughing stock zoo populated by wingnut laughing stocks. They’d be fighting for inclusion. It would have more exhibits than all other zoos ever-combined and still the goofiness keeps coming.


  6. Malia – The Wasilla loon thinks she is smart, but with her it’s all about not researching before she posts. She is so lazy she just copied and pasted a photo – thinking it was just some ordinary people celebrating. Boy did she get it wrong! LOL

    OT – Have you seen the photos of Bristol’s newest offspring – Atlee Bay- on Bristol’s Instagram? She is tiny, even to the point where she looks “skinny”.


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