Trump Announces No More Lost Bags; No More Flight Delays; and No More Smelly Bathrooms on Planes

Donald Trump has taken issue with the Air Traffic Control System in America.  It’s ironic that Trump has taken such a strong position on air safety when he flies his own private planes.

It seems that Trump’s idea of making America Great Again is to start with air traffic controllers.  Now, instead of having national standards with which all airlines can rely, it seems that President Trump is advocating a new system, privatizing the airspace above the earth.  After announcing his goal to privatize the nation’s Air Traffic Control System, President Donald Trump sat down at a desk on Monday and signed two documents. There was only one problem: He wasn’t actually signing something that would have any tangible impact on what he had just proposed.

A White House aide told reporters Trump had signed a “a decision memo and letter transmitting legislative principles to Congress,” surrounding the privatization of the Air Traffic Control system. But in order for his goal to come to fruition, Congress would need to pass legislation implementing it.  This seems to be yet another example of Trump’s failure to appreciate the difference between the President and the Congress.

Before Trump gave remarks Monday, White House officials had told reporters that the President is only dictating his legislative goals of separating air traffic controls from the FAA. Congress is not required to follow through on these goals.

So as long as Trump is issuing dictates to Congress amounting to a wish list, maybe he should also announce his decision that :

  1.  There will be no more lost bags.
  2. There will be no more flight delays.
  3. There will be no more people seated next to you on flights that have bromhidrosis, osmidrosis, or ozochrotia.

Image result for smelly people

4.  There will be no more smelly lavatories.

5.  Passengers will be required to have all bowel movements before boarding the flights.

6.  People who have air sickness will be banned from flights.

7.  Water bottles will be allowed through airport security.

8.  Beverages on flights will be served with lids.

9.  Every airline will be required to install a sound proof section for parents traveling with children.

10.  All passengers, except Muslims, will be allowed to carry weapons, including assault weapons.

11.  There will be no more weather conditions, rain, lightening, wind sheer, tornadoes, and hurricanes, that might interfere with travel.

12.  There will be no more equipment malfunction on any airplane in America.

13.  All pilots will be women and Melania will design their uniforms.

2 thoughts on “Trump Announces No More Lost Bags; No More Flight Delays; and No More Smelly Bathrooms on Planes

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  1. Malia – So, the man who flies exclusively on private airplanes thinks air traffic controllers should be privatized? What could possibly go wrong? Remember in 1981 when Reagan threatened to fire almost 13,000 air traffic controllers if they didn’t end their strike and return to work? He then followed through on his threat, firing most of the workers — represented by the defunct Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (Patco) . He also banned them from the federal workforce for life so they weren’t able to transfer to another federal job. The current air traffic controllers aren’t on strike and the system works. So, why does he want to privatize the air traffic controllers now? What is the end game? I think you and I would agree that we would feel a hell of a lot more comfortable and safer flying when the person in the tower is a veteran air traffic controller who has worked in different weather conditions and scenarios with thousands of in bound and out bound flights under his/her belt than with an amateur who has completed a few hours of simulation in a classroom! This has accident waiting to happen written all over it!


  2. Every day there is another bit of insanity coming from Trump’s mouth or twittering fingers. This one endangers every person, wherever they are in the world, when they board an airplane to travel tor or from the US. And just what does an air traffic controller have to do with lost luggage or smelly restrooms on planes? Has any member of the Trump dynasty ever traveled by commercial airline? Would they know how to buy a ticket, go through security checks, stand in line waiting to board and on and on? And what’s going to happen when the weather intervenes, as it so often does, and causes delays or cancellation of flights? Will the new privately-owned air traffic controllers send the planes out no matter what the weather is – just to keep on a schedule? As usual, anything from Trump is simply insane and mind boggling.


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