John Oliver On Trump’s Decision to Pull Out!

6 thoughts on “John Oliver On Trump’s Decision to Pull Out!

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  1. Malia.
    So on Sarah Palin dot com, a few huuuuuuuge errors:

    1. See link at bottom. Her bio is called Governor Sarah Palin. As we know, once leaving office a governor becomes Former Governor. A president, however, does get that continued distinction. And we know Sarah was never president. There is only one State governor at a time. And we know that impersonating a governor in Alaska carries a maximum 90 days in jail plus $1500 fine.

    AND NOW… This one is so not surprising….

    2. Her bio on the same website says that she has “five children and four grandchildren”. Apparently 3+2=4 in Wasilla. Does Atlee not count until its an election year? Was the bracelet modified because Sailor isn’t Bristol’s? Did Bristol lose a kid on the way to Texas? Did Track lose a kid when he lost his leg?
    Did her 1987 journalism certificate lapse after 30 years? Is this rockrunning PTSD and therefore obama’s fault? Are the grandkids wondering who is the forgotten or unloved one, or not a Palin? Was the text written on a coke binge? Did Tripp speak up against his grandmom? Is Tripp being blamed for gettng Bristol’s half-season reality show cancelled, when really, it was Bristol’s show and Bristol’s fault? Not one of her followers noticed or cared? Not one of her tone deaf followers questioned her? Was the table-shirt impeding the two brain cells underneath? Did Child Services finally close in on her? Was Sarah playing her version of an overrated Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice?


    (u should screenshot the link error, you know she reads this blog and will correct it to save face)


    1. Or worse. Is Atlee not a real grandchild because it wasn’t born out of wedlock like all the others, and also because it’s last name is meyer? Is the governor diavowing all future palin babies born in wedlock? Is she punishing bristol for moving away from her? Sure looks like a classic unstable psychomom/psychograndmom case of Mothering Managing Martyring & Manipulating.


  2. I don’t haver cable, so I miss a lot of the blowback on politics. I do catch the Youtube videos.

    That said why is everyone avoiding the obvious punch line:

    All women agree, Trump always pulls out early. Only The Donald is left satisfied.


  3. I appreciate, lead to I found exactly what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye


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