The Terminator’s Response to Trump…

Oh, sorry!  That was the wrong video.  Here is the right one:

5 thoughts on “The Terminator’s Response to Trump…

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  1. When Trumps tax plan goes into effect California will no long get to write off State income tax. Then we will see how the socialist fair.


  2. Sarah Palin killed Jesus Christ.

    Here’s how.

    Jesus asked questions. And an ignorant mob murdered him for that.

    2000 years later, Sarah beats down all question, like the mob who beat down Jesus because they refused to wake up to seeing and hearing.

    What a shame.


    1. Betsy devos and Paul Ryan and Ann Coulter still have hammers in their hands from pounding in some of the last nails in jesus’ feet.

      Born in denial. It is literally activated DNA within their cells.

      And their stonewalling is literally the tribal insurance policy which prevents other, different, DNA within their cells from being activated, ensuring more of the same.


      1. So it’s no surprise that Sarah blames Obama for tracks PTSD. Sarah is void of how environment affects and modulates and activates/deactivates DNA. “It could Only be an Awake Evolving ‘other and separate’ (and black) man who I can blame and then not have to take responsibility for my own waking and seeing,” says sarah Palin.
        Hmmmm – sounds like the mob that killed Jesus of Nazareth, huh Sarah!!!!!!


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