FDA Alert!!! Possible Side Effects from Using Covfefe!

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“There is no better word than STUPID.”   Donald Trump

President Trump has made “Covfefe” a popular topic on Twitter.  A lot of people are talking about the dangers associated with use of Covfefe!  It is highly toxic!  Whether you smoke it, eat it, use the suppository form, or mainline it, thousands of people are talking about the side effects they are experiencing as a result of use of Covfefe!  The FDA has issued an alert that use of Covfefe has been associated with:

  1.  Discoloration of skin, typically orange,          although different colors have also been reported.  


2.  Discoloration of hair:



3.  Unruly hair:


4. Hair loss:

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5.  Convulsions:

6.  Hallucinations:

7.  Split personalities:

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8. Delusions of grandeur:

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9.  Paranoia:

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10.  Urgency and frequency:

Image result for trump urination

11.  Weight gain:

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12.  Fatigue:

Image result for trump insomniac

13.  Tics or twitches:

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14.  Unexplained feelings of anger:

15.  Having an inflated sense of self-importance.

16. Expecting to be viewed as superior despite lack of evidence.

17. Exaggerating and boasting about abilities and achievements.

18. Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, physical beauty, romantic relationships, power or intelligence.

19. Requiring constant attention and admiration.

20. Disregarding others’ feelings (lacking empathy).

21. Taking advantage of others to achieve selfish goals.

22. Envying others and believing yourself to be the object of others’ envy.  “Everybody loves me.” Donald Trump.

23. Reacting to criticism with anger.

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24. Demanding that others immediately meet your needs without question (behaving in an entitled manner) .

25.  Shrinking of various parts of the body.

26.  Sloughing of skin.


27.  Paranoia, and distrust of others.

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Maybe Covfefe is the explanation for Trump’s mental illness?

Whatever the possible risks, it is clear that everyone should avoid Covfefe!

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Image result for covfefe

Image result for covfefe

Image result for covfefe

Image result for covfefe

Image result for covfefe


4 thoughts on “FDA Alert!!! Possible Side Effects from Using Covfefe!

Add yours

  1. HYSTERICALLY LAUGHING OVER HERE! OMG those PICS are hysterically funny! I Love it! Thank you Malia for my laugh today 🙂 I look for this every day these days.


    1. TigerwonderingWTF,
      I so glad I made you laugh. It’s hard to laugh when every day he does something so repulsive, but some days we gotta find the humor in having such an idiot for a President!


  2. Malia – Thank you for the laugh today! It was appreciated especially after Trump officially withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. It goes without saying that Trump doesn’t understand what he has done! He should be thinking about Barron and his future, but apparently Trump doesn’t care. Trump is as clueless and stupid as the Wasilla loon about climate change. What a disaster for America! Honest to god, Malia, I never dreamed America could sink this low and elect a man this dumb!


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