Trump Aims to Make America Covfefe Again!

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Nobody can make the President of the United States look more foolish than the President himself.  For months the fact that the President’s primary way of communicating is through tweets  was enough to make him look foolish.  When he misspelled “here by” Trump earned ridicule from Twitter users across the country.  But that misspelling was only memorable because Trump made the same error three times.  There have been many embarassing Tweets:


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"No challenge is to great"

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Then the original misspelling was made worse by the apology.

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In late May, the White House released a statement saying one of Trump’s goals during his trip to Israel was to “promote the possibility of lasting peach” in the region.

Ifthis was the first time that the POTUS misspelled something, it might be funny but understandable.  However when it happens over and over, the unmistakable conclusion is that Trump is ignorant, not careful, and unwilling to adjust his behavior to avoid embarrassment for the White House and the country.
Now Trump adds to his most memorable Tweets by saying:

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Trump tweeted this embarrassing remart at 12:06 a.m..

By 1 a.m., the debate had effectively consumed Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Trump Aims to Make America Covfefe Again!

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  1. Trump
    Is starting to lose it. Last night he was ripping to to jared and said he was acting like a “monkey playing with his feces”. Then trump started to chug a bottle of Celebrex and ensure energy crap and his brain melted a bit.

    He broke a window staggering around and said it was freezing. As he was laying on the floor he kept repeating the words “cold feces”
    “cold Feces” Jarad, ivanka and Todd quickly came to the resque.

    Jarad went to go daddy and bought the web domain ”” cold feces did not sound presidential. Ivanka started designing cloths for the new website. Todd called the Russians to get the password to trumps phone. He then tweeted the tweet heard around the world to introduce the covfefe brand of products.

    This group really comes together when the nation needs them. All of the profits from the new website will be washed offshore and turned into bit coins to protect this families net worth.

    One nation under Todd With liberty and covfefe for some.


    1. painchipeater,
      …only one addition, McDonalds is introducing a new sandwich… the “covfefe”. They aren’t advertising what is in the sandwich, but only that lots people have said they love it!


  2. I read somewhere a comment from a FOX person saying him tweeting in the middle of the night – even with misspelled words – is a sign of his stamina. Amazing how they can rationalize every bizarre thing he does and says. At the end of the day they must feel like pretzels.


  3. Is this Trump’s fault or the inaccuracy of the spell checker he is using. Does he use the Google spell checker or the Microsoft spell checker. Or, does tweeter have their own spell checker?


      1. I wonder about Cyber Gouge’s syntax. Something about it is just never right. Could Cyber Gouge be a Trump troll perhaps?


  4. are his the same fingers that enter the nuclear coordinates, in addition to the codes? if so, it’s anyone’s guess where the bombs land and what the intended targets were.
    hope we all stay alive through the night.


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