Saudi Gift of 100 MILLION DOLLARS to Ivanka; Trump Demanded Return of 25 Million Gift to Clinton Foundation


If you were like me, you were wondering why Ivanka Trump accompanied her father on the trip to Saudia Arabia.  Wonder no more!  Just two days into President Donald Trump’s foreign trip, Ivanka received a “donation” to her favorite charity to the tune of $100 million from Saudia Arabia!
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Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have announced their gift to Ivanka’s charity benefiting the advancement of women.  The fund, run by World Bank, not Ivanka Trump, aims to provide to female entrepreneurs with financial support in the form of capital and access to networking and financial markets.
In case you thought this was just an alturistic gesture, think again.  Saudi Arabia places severe restrictions on women’s rights and participation in society, including prohibitions on driving and finances. The creation of a fund that solicits donations from such countries and is championed by Trump’s daughter, one of Trump’s closest advisers, could open the President up to charges of hypocrisy, saying that the concept is not dissimilar to the Clinton Foundation, which he roundly criticized as a candidate. Clearly the Saudis are not making the donation because they believe in the organization’s goals.  Trump specifically suggested that the Clinton Foundation return the $25 Million Dollar donation made to the Clinton Foundation by Saudia Arabia!
Trump himself highlighted the horrible treatment by Saudia Arabia of women.
 They clearly are making the donation to win influence with the President.
Hypocrisy is a common attribute of Trump’s positions.

5 thoughts on “Saudi Gift of 100 MILLION DOLLARS to Ivanka; Trump Demanded Return of 25 Million Gift to Clinton Foundation

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  1. That’s 381 times more than bristol got from Candies for pretending to be abstinate for a few hours. Bristol got duped – she had to vaginally give up dick, got paid less, and ivanka didn’t have to not be a whore.


  2. Hi Malia –

    Yes – the hypocrisy is staggering. One funny side note about it all, though, as you point out is prior comments made about the Clintons by our ignorant prez. He is such a fool.
    I continue to be amazed by his very firm base. They are concerned with promises he made concerning jobs, healthcare, etc. That is what is important to them. When his actions begin to impact them directly – no new jobs, poor healthcare – then and only then will their eyes begin to open. Quite honestly, they are not concerned about the Russian scandal, Comey, etc. They are so focused on their immediate needs – or perhaps they just cannot comprehend what is really happening in front of us. This is the most corrupt administration and family I have ever observed. Perhaps it is too much for his fans. I don’t know – but I feel some sympathy for them. I said some – not a lot.


  3. Ivanka Kushner is there because she is good looking. we interface with her, when she is modeling for the camera.


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