Trump Puts Sean Spicer in Pergatory. Is Excessive Flatulence the Reason?

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Sean Spicer is a devout Catholic.  Spicer accompanied the President on his trip to the Vatican.  All he wanted was a chance to meet the Pope.  However Spicer was informed that there “wasn’t room for him on the roster”.  

The exclusion of Spicer must have  been particularly humiliating for Spicer in light of those who were permitted to accompany Trump when meeting the Pope.  They included the First Lady Melania,

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daughter Ivanka,

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and son-in-law Jared) and staff (communications advisor Hope Hicks, former bodyguard Keith Schiller, State Department aide Brian Hook, and guardian of Trump’s Twitter account Dan Scavino).

As Politico points out, while Spicer is a regular churchgoer, Scavino,who was included, has previously bashed the Pope on his Twitter account.

“Previous administration officials who helped orchestrate meetings between US presidents and the Pope said that high-level Catholic staffers who expressed interest in attending the papal sessions were regularly accommodated.”

It’s unclear if it was Sean’s meeting in the bushes,

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his frequent and memorable gaffes,

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or his embarrassing reference to Hitler,

that caused Trump to refuse Spicer the chance to meet the Pope.

Some speculate that it might have been simply the habit of Spicer of chewing and swallowing 35 sticks of Orbit cinnamon gum every morning,before noon, that cause him to be excluded from the meeting.  Excessive consumption of Orbit, which has sorbitol, has been shown to cause diarrhea,  and inordinate amounts of flatulence.  Perhaps Trump was just trying to do the Christian thing and spare the Pope the embarrassment of trying to hide his disgust.

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12 thoughts on “Trump Puts Sean Spicer in Pergatory. Is Excessive Flatulence the Reason?

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  1. Spicy was pissed I got to go. It was a great flight in the cargo hold. My bones itch a little because I was next to the uranium Jared was smuggling.


    1. painchipeater,
      Sean has vowed never to fly again and instead hide in the bushes until the bus comes. He thought about taking the train, but they don’t get close enough to the bushes.


  2. Seriously Barbie Spice could pull up a bush and carry it to the train station. Stuff is so freaking weird in the capital no one would notice a moving bush. Call. it a tumble weed.


  3. his smile looks like he forgot to crotch-shave, and that it’s his first time duct taping his balls back and up so they don’t show under the mini skirt


    1. just noticed sarahpac website reroutes to a sarah palin dot com (or Dot C*unt, if that’s easier to pronounce for some?).
      Malia, is that even legal for a PAC to now reroute to a personal website? has anyone looked into the legality? the PAC was accepting funds (for her personal use, we’ve seen, such as clothing, cars, booze, etc)
      also too, it says “Building America’s Future” on her website – how is that even remotely possible, seeing as how everything out of her mouth is to destroy half the people???? and with her denialist attitude toward climate change, there will be no earth left for there to even be an America. She’s such a c*nt, if that wasn’t already previously mentioned.


  4. I don’t comment here often any more, Malia, but I have never been more embarrassed at how he conducted himself on this trip. Okay, scratch embarrassment, can I say “abject horror?”

    I have no sympathy for any of them, and highly doubt that any one of them will be prosecuted to the extent of the law they need to be. You found that out through your FOIA battle. I gained a whole new respect for you through that, and roll my eyes when the trolls visit to berate you. If you weren’t right, they wouldn’t even bother.


  5. Ivanka looks like she could use a jaw alignment.

    Or a blouse alignment – that tit of hers looks like its hanging out on the curb for Uber.


  6. Malia, haven’t been in touch with my Catholic upbringing for a while but there used to be a “u” in purgatory. The U helps add emphasis on ‘you” ending up there for sins. It’s a land of abrasions, whereas hell burns.
    That said, if you ever saw “Jerry Springer The Opera” you would know that Sean made bad choices. Now he is suffering. He sold his soul to the devil for a job. That’s the gist of being a spokesperson for Trump. Look at Conway morphing into a banshee. Huckabee will be there soon as she turns into Ursula from “Little Mermaid.” Her eyebrow goes up when she lies or gets ready to pounce.


  7. We as Americans are not to respect religion. Why is he visiting the catholics and excluding everyone else. In addition, the Pope is Roman Catholic. The Orthodox Catholics live in Russia. Some consider them to be the real Catholics with closer lineage to the Roman Empire. Catholism is not a state.


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