Chaos in the White House is the Order of the Day

The Hill features an op ed that highlights the dysfunction in the Trump White House.

The focus of the article is not even the Russian investigation, although the author does mention the firing of James Comey.  Instead, the point is  that anyone who is a good administrator surrounds himself with competent leaders who protect and insulate the President.  Donald Trump seems to have surrounded himself with, at best, poor leaders, and at worst corrupt individuals.  Perhaps that analysis succinctly summarizes the type of President Trump has become…at best, a poor leader,…and at worst a corrupt, ruthless, self-serving, narcissistic,  maniacal President.

“It’s clear six months later that the new president chose chaos over order. Even Republicans worry about the chaos in the White House. GOP Senator Bob Corker said, “The White House needs to do something soon to bring itself under control…”

Trump’s poor choices and disastrous timing include:

 1.  The day after Comey’s dismissal, the president met with one of Richard Nixon’s most powerful aides, Henry Kissinger. While Kissinger worked for the disgraced president, he ordered the FBI to tap the telephones of White House staffers who he thought might have been leaking information to the press.

2.  The president met with the Russian foreign minister the same day. This of course raised the spectre of Comey’s investigation into undue Russian influence on the Trump presidential campaign.

3.  To make matters even worse, on the Washington Post reported the President revealed highly classified information to the Russian official.

4.  The piece de resistance with a Nixonian flair was Comey’s announcement that Trump asked him not to press the investigation of Flynn for ties to the Russians.

Trump has surrounded himself with people who have become more of a liability than an asset.  Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn are just a few of the more disastrous picks.  The competent people like James Comey and Sally Yates, who were people of principle, Trump fired.

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3 thoughts on “Chaos in the White House is the Order of the Day

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  1. Trump will not hire anyone he thinks is a threat to his vanity or assumed intelligence. The men are unattractive, with seemingly diminished mental capacity. The exception, Sean Spicer is intelligent, but uses his talent to lie and avoid the truth. Likewise with Conway and Huckabee, the Witches of Wordplay.


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