Trump Prays for More Money at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

 (Ronen Zvulun / AFP/Getty Images)

During his trip to Israel, Donald Trump ceremonially placed his secret prayer in the wall.  Nobody knows what it said.  However we can speculate that he prayed for more money.  Given his tax plan it seems likely that getting richer is Trump’s goal for his time in office.  Certainly he has said in the past that he would probably make money off of being President.  Trump said in 2000 to Fortune magazine that:

“It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

He’s already made money off the Trump hotel in D.c. and by attacking Syria.  Trump owns stock in Raytheon, the manufacturer of the Tomahawk missile. When he fired them at Syria, Raytheon’s stock rose.

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Shares of Raytheon rose on Monday following the news that Trump signed a $110 Billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. In fact stock in Raytheon hit an all-time high as a result of the deal.

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While the casual observer might conclude that Trump was demonstrating his support for Israel by visiting the country, some of us see a more troubling message.  The first thing that was widely reported was that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was notably absent from President Trump’s visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  His absence was not because he was at synagogue, praying. In fact Netanyahu asked to accompany Trump to the wall and was told “NO”.

Even more troubling is the fact that Steve Bannon accompanied Trump to Saudi Arabia, but returned to America without visiting Israel.  Bannon described his far-right website, Breitbart News, as “the platform for the alt-right,” a faction in right-wing U.S. politics that is affiliated with anti-Semitism. He has also been accused by his former wife of making anti-Semitic remarks.

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It seems that given the indication that Bannon is anti-Semetic, that he would have at least pretended to care, and accompanied Trump.  Instead his absence reinforces the common perception that he hates Jews.  For example, we already knew BANNON HAS EMBRACED THE ALT RIGHT, A LOOSE NETWORK OF WHITE NATIONALISTS AND ANTI-SEMITES.

The media has reported that Trump’s trip abroad may be helpful in deflecting negative press.  However if the press were doing their job, the reports from this trip abroad would be even more troubling.

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6 thoughts on “Trump Prays for More Money at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

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  1. Maybe he left a copy of the election map or his 30 day plan to wipe out ISIS.

    His trip to Saudi to sell more arms to the Saudi’s was brilliant. Now they can compete with Russia to sell to ISIS.
    But that may not be necessary as the terrorists “fee-fee’s” are crushed because he(the monster) called them losers.
    They might stop after they quit crying.


  2. The little lady told the mangled apricot to leave her hand alone again in Rome. Strike two on the ;lousy ,lying Lothario known as lottle hands Drumpf.

    As for the terrorists, I thought the threat of them went away after you called radical Islamists? I guess not. Cannot believe Drumpf got that wrong. Bwahahahahahahahaha!


  3. Hate be sacrilegious, but he was groping for or praying for “pussy.” Not doubting the power of The Wall, but that photo should have a lightning bolt in it or the Wall collapsing on Trump.
    For a spiritual person it shows the forgiveness of the Creator, allowing the grifter to pretend to pray.


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