The Treason and Treachery of Donald Trump

When the United States was attacked on 9-11 by terrorists who were responsible for the lethal attack on the safety and security of America, the danger to the country was unmistakable.  Americans unified in a common effort to defeat a threat to the safety and security of our country.  Average Americans became patriots.  In the devastation that resulted from the unimaginable collapse of the World Trade Center, citizens of this country were re-united by a common purpose of protecting our country from a clear and present danger.

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When the Boston bombing occurred Americans were once again reminded of the vulnerability of our American way of life.  The crowds that turned out to support the runners transformed into the crowds that rallied to support the victims of the terrorist attack.  Nobody asked the victims who they voted for before rendering first aid.  Nobody asked what political party the man belonged to who was missing his leg.  Police, Firefighters, and ordinary citizens came together to protect those injured, and to bring the terrorists to justice.

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America is facing another type of terrorist.  His name is Donald Trump.  His treachery and threat to the safety and security to the United States is unparalleled in American  history. Never have we elevated a terrorist to the highest office in the land.  The most dangerous threat to the United States of America is necessarily the infiltration of the White House by a terrorist committed to the destruction of our democracy.

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We are a nation of immigrants.  Yet Trump attacks immigrants.  The majority of people

in America are women.  Trump humiliates women.  America as worked for decades to

build and fortify bonds with allies around the world.  Trump has offended and insulted

some of our strongest allies.  Race relations in America haven’t been this bad since MLK

Jr. spoke on the Washington Mall.  Trump has fostered even more feelings of isolation.

The polarization of political parties reached its highest level in a century.  Trump has

made it worse. America has lead an international effort to curtail global warming.

Trump not only denies global warming, but he has worked to reverse the positive

changes that have been  accepted around the world.  Our politicians have increasingly

proved that they can’t be  trusted while trying to get elected.  Lies have become the order

of the day for people  seeking elected office.  However we expect the lies to subside

once the election is over.  With Trump however, “Alternative Facts” seem to fill every

press briefing or interview of the President and his administration.  When every

intelligence agency of the government confirms that Russia interfered with the election of

our President, Trump denies it.  When an investigation is undertaken to discover the

people responsible, Trump interferes with the investigation, first demanding a pledge of

loyalty by the person overseeing the investigation.  When Trump was  not successful in

extracting such a pledge, he fired that person.  Even after the firing, Trump publicized his

threats against the Head of the FBI through social media.  The day after the firing of the

person charged with investigation  into Trump’s ties to Russia, Trump hosts leaders in the

Russian government in the Whtie House.  Worse yet he prevents any American media

from attending the meeting, but invited Russian media to attend and photograph the


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In spite of these many blatant and obvious challenges to the very fabric to our American democracy, Donald Trump was not charged with treason or incarcerated.  He was allowed to remain in the White House and exercise unlimited control and power over the land that I love.

Now, the Washington Post reports treason by Donald Trump!      The Post reports that Trump disclosed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister during Trump’s meeting with the Russian foreign minster.  If Trump revealed that classified information he could have jeopardized a source of intelligence about Islamic State.

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There is only one appropriate response to treason,committed by anyone against the United States.  When any person is perceived as having committed an act of treason, they are arrested, often with a complete suspension of their constitutional rights.  The threat of a terrorist act invokes the interest of national security, and the suspected terrorist  can be jailed indefinitely, even without charges.  Now that Donald Trump has been established as suspected of terrorism, the country MUST take action immediately.  Republicans, Democrats, Independents, must all come together in the interest of national security and impeach Donald Trump.  If the dissemination of national secrets to foreign countries that are adverse to American  interest is not a reason for impeachment, then we will be forever at the mercy of a dictator who will repress any future effort to hold him accountable.

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Edmond  Burke is remembered for saying:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

The time has come for every good man and woman to do something!

10 thoughts on “The Treason and Treachery of Donald Trump

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  1. Many are thinking that trump bugged the oval office with the Russians last week in their closed-door meeting. Tillerson says this couldn’t be detected. We will need to build a new white house when trump goes.


  2. First, Trump is the president. The intelligence agencies work for him not the other way around.

    Second, the USA is engaged in many business deals with Russia. The Russians build engines for our fighter jets.! The Berlin Wall was destroyed 20 years ago. We are no longer in the cold war. They are an open capitalist society. Eric Snowden lives there.

    Treason, lol

    We are a nation of Rivals.


    1. You are sadly mistaken. As I feel for the citizens of Russia, there is resistance in Russia against him. There is NO usa partnership with their dictator. He has been sanctioned, he is a KGB spy and a professional LIAR and created havoc across the globe. I don’t know what your reason is to forgive that man but he is no friend to America.


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