John Oliver Disembowels Trump Over Firing of Comey


7 thoughts on “John Oliver Disembowels Trump Over Firing of Comey

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  1. When Donnie takes Marienia to Saudi Arabia Friday, is she aware she’ll have to wear clothes and not be a prostitute like her internet modelling pics? Donnie and the Princes will be right at home treating women like animals.



    It was Sarah – not obama – that fucked up track. She needs to familiarize herself with epigenetics, how the stress from a dysfunctional sarah triggered certain genes in track, not the combat he didn’t do. Track literally became the dysfunction of his own mother, as a biological response to her stress in the environment.

    She denies physical environment, let alone energetic environment. Oops. Poor dim Sarah.

    Trump is doing the same. Crazy gloms onto crazy. See GOP – Tribe before truth.


  3. Ailes – singlehanded creator of a divided america, and whose solution to the paradox of human embodiment is to create an “other” followed by destruction of the “other” – is dead.
    It will take generations to undo the trauma caused by a life lived in such profound absolutist ignorance and godlessness toward the truth of universal impermanence which endows life itself.


    1. He saw only error in the human condition, in gods work. So he created the “other”. What arrogance, to put oneself above god. He was a fundamentalist terrorist.


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