SNL Rips Trump a New One!


4 thoughts on “SNL Rips Trump a New One!

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  1. How low has the country come? How low has the GOP come? We can no longer see the difference between the comedic White House & GOP characters of SNL and the lunacy of the real White House and GOP supporters.


  2. Im looking forward to when the justice dept rips trump a HUGE one along with his disgusting lying family. The NY mobster must go go go down. He should be arrested now but they are letting him go on and on to cement the case. The guy is a nasty dirty liar. He has used bribery, extortion, and threats his entire life. The Russian mob elected don. Citizen united elected don. He is as filthy as it gets and he walks our white house touting his deceit and lies like a 12 yr old. IMPEACH TRUMP, CHARGE TRUMP AND GET HIM OUT OF OUR LIFE.


  3. I feel bad for trumps 12 yr old. NO child should be subject to a crime infested parent such as trump. That child was born innocent and if not removed from that family he will become like the other children. ENABLERS TO A CON MAN. all for the money.


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