First Draft of Mother’s Day Cards


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Happy Mother’s Day. ┬áThe best gifts are those that make you smile.



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Image result for funny mothers day card


8 thoughts on “First Draft of Mother’s Day Cards

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  1. My Mother of blessed memory would have gotten a kick out of the last one. She raised 9 brats-8 to adulthood and buried a husband and 2 sons along the way. She learned to roll with the punches and I never once saw her give into emotions around any of siblings.

    That Mother was womanstrong, Miss you still, Mom.


  2. Happy Mothers Day Malia, as I have never met you, I can tell that you are a very good mother after years of reading your post and comments. My hope for you today is full of smiles and happiness (:


    1. USA,
      You are so kind! I consider my role as a mother to be the most important one in my life. I had to stop writing or even making reference to my kids because People on the blog made some threats. However I am very proud. All three are doing amazing things and they represent a stark contrast to the kids of Sarah Palin.


  3. Sarah Palin is a mess, her kids are a mess. It is solely her fault. To raise kids to be hateful lying brats and then excuse them is too much. The woman is evil and she will someday face her demons. I honestly do not know how she continues this lifestyle and pathetic example of motherhood.


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