Wait For It: Melissa McCarthy to Recreate Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing from the Bushes!


Sean Spicer was so unwilling to be responsive to the press regarding the firing of Comey, Spicer hid in the bushes in the dark in an effort to avoid the press.

My first thought was that I couldn’t wait for Melissa McCarthy to recreate that moment.  To my sheer delight, SNL has already put out a teaser, promising to reprise the hysterical impersonation of Sean Spicer by Melissa McCarthy.

These are some of my favorites:

The Easter Message skit has over 10 million views.

This one has over 27 Million Views.

Over 16 Million people watched this one.

It will be an epic night for SNL!  I’ll be watching!  WE ALL GIVE A BIG SHOUT OUT TO SEAN SPICER FOR HIDING IN THE BUSHES AT NIGHT…IN THE DARK!  iF SNL had written this as a skit, nobody would have laughed because it was so preposterous!


Image result for SEAN SPICER BUSHES

Image result for SEAN SPICER BUSHES

Image result for SEAN SPICER BUSHES

4 thoughts on “Wait For It: Melissa McCarthy to Recreate Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing from the Bushes!

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  1. In order to remain focused we must laugh at this terrible example of leadership. Spicy the Easter Bunny and Poor hucklebee nutso are enablers to a dangerous mental patient. Donald J. Trump. They are aiding and adding to this awful mess. If they had one decent cell in their body they would walk out the door and join those who are working to end this mess. This chapter in US history will be discussed for many years. The chapter on How “some” americans were terribly brainwashed by liars of fox nation criminals and How decent honest Americans stopped them.


  2. Spiced is still in for now. We made him take a lie detector test he passed perfectly. He lied 100 percent of the time.

    ” huckleberry flyn” will be taking the reins of this well oiled machine.

    We did a poll today and 95 percent of the people approve of trump. We lined up 20 people against the bushes. They had eye masks on and cigarettes in thier mouths.

    After one of the people disappeared the support was 100 percent.

    Huckleberry is now being trained by Sarah, putin, a used care salesman and a televangelist in a shark skin suit.

    The goal is to make her look hot. she will also need a new wardrobe and needs some good PR. We are setting her up with a centerfold in National Geographic magazine. This will appeal to the dirty old men in the base.

    We are looking into a new secretary of the fence and the secretary of the bush. Spicer seems a logical choice for the secretary of da bush. He has a little poison ivy now and will be required to wear his bunny outfit when making speeches.

    Well I have a cabinet meeting. All of the non loyalists are stuffed in a cabinet and need to be watered and fed before the are sold to isis.

    Pce out


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