If Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words, Trump’s About to be Impeached!

Yesterday’s post highlighted the inappropriate pictures of Trump smiling, laughing, and apparently having a great time with his buddies from Russia.

Image result for trump russia laughing

Image result for trump lavrov

Image result for trump lavrov

Now CNN is reporting that Trump says he feels that the Russians “tricked” him by making these photos available to the public.  Trump excluded the American press from the meeting.

It is clear that Trump wasn’t unhappy because the photos mischaracterized the meeting.  He didn’t complain that the photos were photoshopped.  He didn’t complain that he wasn’t really laughing.  He didn’t complain because the photos illustrated how friendly he is with the very people who have been identified as the enemies of the United States.  Instead Trump complained that he had been “ticked” by the Russians because they made the photos public.  Trump’s complaint is the most abominably stupid thing that has ever come out of the mouth of an American President.  Did Trump think the Russians were going to only display those photos on their bulletin boards to remember a special day they spent with the American President?  Even Sarah Palin posted pictures of herself wearing a tableshirt in the White House.

Image result for sarah palin white house

If Trump didn’t want pictures taken proving how close he is to key figures in the Russian government, all he had to do was dictate that NO photographers would be allowed in the room.  It makes Trump look like an idiot to say that he was “tricked” by the Russians because they published the photos he allowed them to take.   Trump looks like a colossal idiot for inviting the Russians to the Oval Office the day after firing the Director of the FBI who was investigating his ties with the Russian government, and obviously laughing with them more than he’s done with any American in the last week.

Trump wasn’t laughing during his interview with Lester Holt.

18 thoughts on “If Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words, Trump’s About to be Impeached!

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  1. Trump is such a dirty nasty evil person. I cannot believe my eyes and ears each day. Never in my worst nightmares could I have guessed America would be exposed to such an evil person running this country into the sewer. This is beyond fiction, it is pure satanic. And the willing players? Good gosh!!! are they nuts? When will this stop?


  2. Send in the First Pussy – wait, that Stupid Hooker is in Manhattan.

    The nation got duped!!!!

    The sky really is falling.


  3. Why are the Russian s so bad.?Ever take a look at that Texas driver’s license. Did you notice that gold star in the upper left hand corner. That means your Real ID complaint. You’ve been synchronize with the Federal data base. Did you know they share your driver’s information with Canada and Mexico. Canada is still a British colony. And, Mexico is a terrorist state run by narcotics traffickers. Your worried about President Trump shaking hands and laughing with a couple of Russian? The Berlin Wall collapsed back in 1991 or there abouts. The Russian are our friends now.


    1. Are you F*cking nuts? Russia is NOT our friend. I wont even debate with the ignorance or likes of liars from trump orbit. YOU PEOPLE are seriously mentally ill and must get help immediately. There are NO alternative facts or truths. Now either reach down and pull your head out of your rump or move to Russia with your friends.


  4. Picky, I know, but is Dumpf wearing a suit or just a jacket and slacks? The jacket seems bluer than the slacks, which appear to be black and far too small. Full frontal view is embarrassing, which really shouldn’t surprise me, as the wearer of that outfit is a national embarrassment.


  5. Malia – Trump’s meeting with the Russians the day after he fired Comey was Trump’s way of thumbing his nose at America, Comey, and the FBI. It’s a shame the investigation into Trump and his team wasn’t disclosed at the same time Comey announced Hillary’s email investigation 10 days before the election. Wonder what the outcome would have been?
    OT – Trump is OBESE and it was obvious when he was interviewed by Lester Holt – Trump couldn’t put his legs together because his thighs are HUGE, his jacket sleeves were skin tight, the bags under his eyes are bigger than his eyes, and he looks puffy. Porky Trump needs to stay out of the WH kitchen. Just because he has access to any food, dessert, or delicacy he wants doesn’t mean he should eat it,. He looks like a heart attack waiting to happen!


  6. CALL all of your republican representatives and DEMAND that they endorse Amendment 25 and get that insane ass out of our white house. He must be removed today.


  7. Never underestimate the depths of stoopidity wingnuts can attain. Just when you think they can’t get stoopider, they take that as a challenge.


  8. Trump’s censorship of US journalists is another example of the White House mission to throw roadblocks at and attention away from the Russia-Trump investigation.
    Russia is in the process of a payback for the dissolution of the USSR 25 years ago. They lost a good chunk of Eastern Europe in that transition. Now they want to create the same type of regional discord and a second US Civil War. Why are red states red? Baby boomers know; red = Communist. We have many regional pockets of culture, politics and religion that could separate from the United States.
    Putin was KGB during when East Germany dissolved. He was a political advisor when the USSR ended. His whole time in office, he has been involved in businesses, especially gas and oil. So he knows how to make money on political chaos. He studied CIA tactics for taking down political leaders by creating partisan internal discord. Now her’s using it on us.


  9. Trump is more than likely scared insane and wearing triple bullet proof vest. The guy is over the cliff and falling fast. Meanwhile the republican giant heads don’t know what to do but screw American’s another day.


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