Be Very Scared of FBI Acting Director McCabe and His Ties to Trump & Russia

McCabe had nothing but praise for Director Comey.

But the truth about McCabe is frightening.  Rachael Maddow did an entire segment on McCabe’s ties to Trump and Russia last night.

Today McCabe won’t answer relevant questions Congress is asking:

8 thoughts on “Be Very Scared of FBI Acting Director McCabe and His Ties to Trump & Russia

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  1. The above link is a computation of Democrats calling on FBI director Comey’s resignation. Now, they are screaming foul. This is what’s wrong with the party. There is no platform.


  2. Trump is desperate and clearly scrambling. He knows he is done and so he is mixing it up creating chaos. 3 words……Amendment twenty five. Trump and his mental illness are obstructing justice.


  3. McCabe is ok. Trump knows him well. He used to go to his restaurant all the time. He would order a big Mack and freedom fries every morning. It was part of Melanias health initiative.

    The bigly fear trump has is clowns. Every once in a while he sees this orange skin orange clown in the mirror. It freaks him out and he tries to tweet him away.

    He is also afraid of McCabe. Some times at his restaurant McCabe has big red shoes on and a red nose. He combats this clown with spicer in a bunny outfit. Trump stated that it common knowledge that clowns are deadly afraid of bunnies.

    He is working on a executive order to breed navy seal style bunnies to take on the Korean clown.

    It seems that trump has a plan. Although we are all tired of winning. We must keep winning with this political mastermind.

    This weekend will be fun. He is playing golf and melania will be chained to a radiator at trump tower. Happy Mother’s Day!

    I gotta go to a policy meeting. We throw all ideas in a bingo machine. Trump pulls out a hand full at a time. He then palin freestyle thoughts together. It’s all part of winning.

    Happy mother puckers day from the trump team


    1. painchipeater,
      I think I’ve seen that guy! When my kids were playing at a lunch place we used to go to that guy would always be sitting on a bench. I thought he was a homeless person hoping to get a hand-out. I never talked to him as I didn’t want to encourage him. He could have gone inside and asked for a job! For God’s sake! Anyone can flip hamburgers!


      1. I remember the good old days when hamburger was made of meat.It was even good when it was made with hamburger helper. It was not even bad made with gravy train dog food.

        I drew the line when todd gave us kibbles and no bits. Who eats kibbles without bits?

        We are working on a soil based adhesive to keep the kibbles in place. It is much easier to flip plus you get protein from the worms in the dirt !

        Today is a great day. I get to go outside and trim the bushes. I am setting up spicer for a press meeting. The great thing is trump is letting keep the branch waste to make a salad. out of. Todd is letting use use used moter oil for the dressing.

        Winning winning.!

        I can’t handle all this winning! the way things are going I will get fresh cardboard to sleep on !



      2. painchipeater
        I heard a rumor that Trump was out in the bushes with Spicer, but hiding so women wouldn’t see them before he grabbed them! Once he grabbed Spicer…thinking it was Melissa McCarthy and…to Trump’s surprise…he got a handful!


  4. Paul Ryan needs to grab some f*cking balls and get the House to invoke the 25th.



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