Critical Information Missing Re Bristol’s Latest Baby!

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It’s 8:00 am in Dallas on May 9th.  Evidently Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer announced the birth of their daughter yesterday.  How do I know?  It was posted on Instagram of course!  There is an article in the Daily Mail.  There is another article on eonline.

Several things are curious about the articles and pictures.

  1.  Sarah and Todd are nowhere to be seen.  Willow, Track, Piper, Trig, and Tripp are not in the picture.
  2. Sarah hasn’t posted a single picture of her new granddaughter to her Facebook or her own Instagram.

3.  Bristol has a blog too.  Remember it’s the Patheos blog.  You remember Patheos, the cite focused on faith and being a mom.  Bristol hasn’t posted any pictures on that blog.

4. Information that hasn’t been announced includes:  a.  the date of the baby’s birth, b.  the city or state of the baby’s birth, c.  the hospital where the baby was born, d) how did C4P have time to post pictures and not the proud grandma, e)  what kind of maternity leave policy does Dr.Jack-Me-Off offer to his employees, f)  what is the reason for the name,  Atlee Bay, or g) the amount of money paid to Bristol by Daily Mail for the exclusive story and first pictures of the baby.

5.  Bristol and Dakota announced their marriage on June 8, 2016.  Less than one year later they have another child.  Given the history of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the birth of Trig and Sailor, inquiring minds want to know when was Atlee Bay actually born?

6.  In an article, also on Daily Mail, Bristol was reported to be living in a suburb of Austin.  That article was published on May 5th.  That article indicated that Bristol was already past her due date, and the Dakota Meyer was traveling. Thank heavens Bristol was late giving birth to her third/fourth/fifth child or Dakota might have missed the blessed event.  That is especially lucky since women who are having their third or more babies tend not to carry them as long as first time 5 days.

7.  What does Levi think about his son living so far from his father?

8.  What does Todd think about having this cherry-picker born in Texas?

What a relief for the happy couple that Dakota is a veteran and thus Bristol will get all the medical care she needs, paid for by the government.  Since she isn’t living in Alaska, she doesn’t get the free medical care that she might have gotten, being related to Todd, who has Eskimo heritage.  Now that she lives in Texas, where maternal mortality has doubled since 2011, and is the highest in the developed world, Bristol must have been frightened to move to Texas as a pregnant woman.  Maybe she was immune to the plight of Texas women because she is a born-again virgin.  Maybe she just doesn’t have to worry about the “situation” any longer since she and Dakota are married?



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  1. Clearing near a bay is the basic sense of the name.

    I’m guessing it could become a slang term for the first child born to married parents who have many children born out of wedlock or attributed to a grandmother. If a hooker finally gets married before giving birth, she would call the child her Atlee Bay.


  2. ABM is short for anti-ballistic missile which keeps up with the other military themed kids names like Trig and Sailor..


  3. On the other hand maybe they think this is a clever way to tip their hats to Lee Atwater in a skanky, valley trash way. Who am I to say?


  4. I was there at the birth. I was in the fathers waiting room. I had to break the news to trump that there were more potential fathers then people at his innauuration. He was pissed and He made me spend the night in the gulag with enimies of Putin again.

    Todd was at the hospital. He was siphoning gas out of the fathers cars and passing out exploding cigars. He really is a proud grandpa.

    Sarah was in the room next door getting a soul transplant. It reminded me of area 51 in the 50’s when we had that yoda looking alien strapped down to the table. the only difference was the yoda had a better complection. Sarahs last face lift was a mess. When she peeled her face off in a meth induced rant. she lost it.

    We had an old alligator hand bag we used for her new face. It actually seems to fit her well.

    Willow got to work on atilla Lee. She picked out the cutest tattoos and a nose ring. Track stole a 69 dodge charger and had custom plates made that sed atilla lee not general lee.

    Todd got her her first endorsement for skoal chewing tobacco. She looks so cute with a big dip in her mouth. She will also be featured on an episode of “moonshiners” she gets to show her new machine gun.

    Things look good for this family. She should be a good producer until she is a breeder.

    In the name of the father ,the scum and the holy rubber. May Todd be with you.


    1. painchipeater,
      Oh I missed you! I am so glad to laugh with you again! I heard Rick Perry was trying to visit but the medical staff said they didn’t let predators in the nursery.


      1. Rick perry is a different story I will report on soon. Trump has me interviewing directors for the FBI. I don’t speak Russian but I do know a good criminal when I see them.

        We are sorting through pedofiles, oligarchs and extortion experts. It would be easier to just appoint trump but he is to busy shaking down this clown called USA.

        The bigly picture is you have to have faith. Trump is a family man times three. He is devoted to……

        Gotta go


      2. painchipeater,
        I heard this morning that trump is furious with the media for saying that he fired Comey so he is cutting off all electricity to the mainstream media.


  5. Hi Malia –

    Since the Palin family cannot resist publicizing their every burp – we learn about it one way or the other. Beyond that – they never tell the whole story or the truth. Bristol is the mom of 5 or 6 children. They keep their secrets close – so we only know what they are willing to divulge. Wish there was a way to end their constant grifting.


    1. Stop stalking them and you won’t hear about them. They barely discuss their lives. Who was it that published a toddler’s address and gave it to the media? Answer: Psychopaths in Germany.


    2. You sound bitter because they reveal next to nothing. Who was it that published a toddler’s private address? Answer: liberal psychos in Germany. If you don’t stalk, you can in fact live without any knowledge. I know NOTHING about the Kardashians. Literally nothing. Why? I don’t make them my life.


  6. Where is that mouth “Kelly annie the Con Way” barracuda ? May she slept through the events today while on Loon nest ta. Where is the Easter Bunny, his job is to lie for trump and stumps. Where the heck is bannon the cannon? And session the possession, where was these operatives? Of course flip flopper mcnut jumped in the news. He should know about the vetting process, after all it was probably the same extreme vetting process that vetted “our sarah” and then she quit. Gee whiz what a bunch of liars and crooks.


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