Sarah Palin’s Definition of “Unthinkable” is Singing a Song

Up until this moment, you might have presumed that Sarah Palin’s idea of “unthinkable” might be:

  1.  Lying about Death Panels when there were none.

2.  Waving to a foreign country who tried to influence the American election.

3.  Starting a nuclear war.

4.  Getting pregnant out of wedlock, as she did, Bristol did repeatedly, and Track’s girlfriends did.

5.  Cursing like a sailor and brawling!


6. The President of the United States, bragging about trying to fuck a young woman and grab her by the pussy,

or mocking a disabled reporter.

7.  Working as a pimp while your wife is Governor of the rape capital of America.

8.  Claiming to give birth to a Down’s Syndrome child only to ignore his needs.

9.  Wearing your daughter’s engagement ring after the engagement is broken off.

10.  Inspiring a young man to kill and injure innocent people, including a child.

Image result for christina taylor-green

11.  Being mounted on a dance floor on national television.

12.  Reading about your husband and your police department in a book about prostitutes and pimps.

13.  Reading about your lover in the tabloids.

14.  Having the son of a man other than your husband.

15.  Having to look in the mirror every morning.

16. Having a First Lady who has posed nude, repeatedly, and with other naked women.

If you guessed any of these, you’d be wrong.  Sarah’s idea of “unthinkable” was singing on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The only thing the Representatives should be ashamed of was their disservice to the original song.

7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Definition of “Unthinkable” is Singing a Song

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  1. I got a belly full of that song watching college basketball games back when. It was a regular happening near the end of the game or when opposing players fouled out.

    A belly full of the Snowgrifter didn’t take nearly as long. I am thrilled that Dems are finally exhibiting a little spirit and a backbone for a change. As usual Elijah Cummings was spot on on his observations. I wish more Dems had suffered the miscarriages of justice these African-American legislators did. I wish even more than some of the wingnuts had suffered the indignities- something far worse than a Democrat serenade.


  2. She finds the song “unthinkable” and is quite ok with what The House did by trying to destroy Obamacare. If this does not get derailed so many will suffer.
    As usual with Palin – no compassion and no smarts. Ignorant, simple minded woman.


  3. I try very hard to forgive those involved in this scam. As much as I try. Trump and his liars + And sara and her tea bags. NOPE cannot forgive them. Approx. 10 yrs of evil coming from miss heath and mr palin, mr trump and stumps is way too much toxic waste. It is CRIMINAL, it is disgusting. It is damaging. And it is the Court of Law and Ethics that will stop them.


  4. how’s track’s Obama-caused ptsd treatment coming? no word on his progress, now that trump is in office. it’s a pre-existing condition, so he better take care of it before he has to pay through the ass for it soon.
    also, isn’t being a Lying Fucking Whore a pre-existing condition, Sarah?

    It all started with the newspapers (at least nationally, anyways).
    Wait, no, it started with the Hagood Hardy song she butchered in 1984.
    No, wait, it started with her conception as a result of her drunken father beating and force-raping her mother.


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