Grandma Palin’s “Death Panels” Just Became a Reality Under GOP Healthcare Law

Be careful what you ask for, or the person you vote for!  Trump campaigned on the promise that Republicans would repeal and replace Obamacare.

This morning the House of Representatives , by a very narrow margin (217-213) voted to replace the Affordable Health Care act.  That is the act that has become known as Obamacare.  Obamacare is the law that Sarah Palin asserted would create “death panels.”

Palin’s assertion that Obamacare would result in Death Panels was voted as Politifact’s Lie of the Year.

Without question Obamacare did NOT result in Death Panels.  Palin said that seniors and the disabled “will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care.”

With the passage today of the GOP’s health coverage replacement, it seems Palin may have prophesied her own party’s repeal and replacement.

While this bill must be approved by the Senate, this bill, if it becomes law, will repeal and replace large portions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). It will change the rules and subsidies for people who buy their own insurance coverage, and make major cuts to the Medicaid program, which funds care for the poor and disabled.

Under Obamacare the federal government cut off subsidies to help people buy their insurance at an income of around $48,000 for a single person. The American Health Care Act would let people get government subsidies much higher up the income scale — up to about $150,000. But the bill would allow states to waive rules on minimum benefit standards and rules that prevent insurance companies from charging higher prices to customers with pre-existing illnesses. That means, over all, the gap between the tax subsidies and the cost of needed care could widen, even for some people who will get extra financial help.

“Make no mistake – many people will die as a result of this bill,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Florida, said.

The new law passed by the House today will significantly curtail federal support for Medicaid and allow states to require able-bodied adults to work. After 2020, states that expanded Medicaid would no longer receive enhanced federal funding to cover low-income adults, and those that hadn’t expanded would be immediately barred from doing so.

And it would allow states to relax some key Obamacare protections of those with pre-existing conditions, which are among the health reform law’s most popular provisions. States could apply for waivers to allow insurers to offer skimpier policies that don’t cover the 10 essential health benefits mandated by Obamacare. Also, insurers would be able to charge higher premiums to those with medical issues if they let their coverage lapse. States requesting waivers would have to set up programs — such as high-risk pools — to protect insurers from high-cost patients.


9 thoughts on “Grandma Palin’s “Death Panels” Just Became a Reality Under GOP Healthcare Law

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  1. Right now the Repubs who voted yes on this are celebrating with beer. I am sure a couple of them will lift a glass to Palin.
    Years ago – when we saw the danger of Palin – I seriously hoped those who knew her background would expose her and we would be done with her vile actions. Unfortunately, those who could have done that did not. It was left to bloggers. Many of us could see the damage she was going to do. “Death Panels” was just a tiny part of it all.
    Well – the Senate is now in a predicament. More posturing and delays. This whole situation is just a horrible and deadly ego trip for Trump.


  2. This is the American Rape And Beat A Woman Act. It will disclude coverage for the following, because they will now be “pre-existing conditions”, including:

    Post Partum Depression
    Domestic Violence

    In this country, they want to give men a Green Light to beat and rape women, who will them be penalized for these acts done to them. This is barbaric. Everyone MUST go to D.C. and stop this crime.

    This bill is a crime. A bloody crime.


  3. First, washerman-schults doesn’t speak for anyone I know who lives in Florida.

    Second, I told everyone about the death panels Federal health care would create all along. Now, you wait and see. The Feds in the future will earmark a bill in the dead of night when Noone is looking to require everyone to be vaccinated under the treat of a gun barrel or asset forfeiture. It will be in the name of “National Security”. They, the deep state (aka CIA) will bring in migrates or refugees, under the guise of some goody goody bullshit, who are infected with some exotic virus. They will create the danger then require everyone to be vaccinated. The vaccine will be designed to kill. Oh! It will not kill you instantly, but when you could have lived to be 85 you will die at 55. Health care is laying the ground work for the depopulation programs postulated many years ago. Only a fool would trust the government. Especially the Federal government.


  4. Should be a HUUUGE spike in education and employment from the GOP health bills. Mortuary Science courses, coroners, and funeral homes could be at overflow in a few months.


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