Colbert’s Epic Take-down of Trump

One thought on “Colbert’s Epic Take-down of Trump

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  1. What a wimp! Walking out of an interview because he can’t deal with tough questions. Trump is a true hybrid, a combination “chickenhawk” and “chicken shit.” A three year old taking his toys and running home, hiding behind his desk and papers. He didn’t have the guts to stand in place and confront whatever injustice he felt from the reporter’s words.
    Terrorists have a new weapon in their fight with the most powerful third world country ( that would be the U.S.)…..words. You don’t need a billion dollar airplane, ship, or missile. Just manage to deliver insulting words to Trump, and his head explodes. It’s only am matter of time before this obese senior citizen sees or hears something he does not like and has a heart attack or stroke.


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