Bristol Condemns the Simpsons, While Gaining Hits to Her Blog!

This is the picture that appears on Bristol’s blog about being a mom and devoted Christian.


This is the video link incorporated in the post.

The image of Sean Spicer hanging from a noose appears near the beginning of the video for .03 seconds.  Kellyanne Conway appears and says “I am not replacing him.”  The rest of the video pokes fun at the disastrous first 100 days in office of Donald Trump.

This was Bristol’s comment about the segment:

“Do you know what’s not really very funny at all?  Suicide.  In fact, Lady Gaga and Dan savage talk all the time about how gay and lesbian youth commit suicide at an alarmingly high rate…  and that bullying must stop.

I agree.  I hate suicide.  I hate bullying.

But I also hate the weird double standards liberals always have.  For example, The Simpsons is advertising their upcoming episode in which Sean Spicer kills himself.

Really?   I’ll sit back and wait for liberals to speak out against this…”

Bristol’s blog linked episode 28 of the Simpsons.  It has been viewed over 8 Million times since April 26, 2017, just 4 days ago.

Bristol didn’t link to this video of the President in a casket.  It only has less than 2 million views.

This is the video of the jokes made by the Simpsons, that actually came true.  The third joke, that actually came true, at 6:00 in the video, is the one that Donald Trump would one day be President of the United States.

This is the actual video that was the Simpson’s episode that depicted Sean Spicer giving an apology.  The first part of the joke is that the episode uses the actual audio recording of Sean Spicer giving an apology for one of his most offensive remarks as the President’s press secretary.  It was also one of the stupidest!  To suggest that Hitler was not  as evil Assad and that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons was outrageous.  Hitler gassed over three million Jews in his extermination camps.  Assad has killed thousands with chemical weapons.  Assad and Hitler were/are both mass murderers.  However for anyone to suggest that Assad is worse than Hitler, is moronic!

This is the press briefing and the actual words of Spicer:

He called the Concentration Camps “Holocaust Centers.”

This was Spicer’s apology:

Bristol’s outrage was disingenuous as

  1.  She posted the video from the Simpsons, thereby promoting the segment, and using it to bring traffic to her blog.
  2. The real focus of the segment on the Simpsons was to point out the total failure of Donald Trump during his first 100 days.
  3. The sign on Spicer indicated “I Quit”.  Bristol’s mother is the most famous politician for quitting.  Is Bristol promoting her mother by suggesting that even though she quit, she didn’t kill herself?
  4. The cartoon image of Spicer includes an empty podium for the President’s Press Secretary with Kellyanne Conway declaring that she isn’t going to replace him.  The cartoon is funny because Spicer did “hang himself” with his Holocaust comments, but also because the Trump administration has already had to replace so many people during its first 100 days, that everyone understands the frustration that people left must be feeling if they have to replace one more person.
  5. The cartoon has nothing to do with gay people, the tragedy of suicide, or bullying!  It doesn’t even have anything to do with conservative or liberal ideologies.  It is all about stupidity!

This is a video that illustrates the absurdity of the cartoon, that features Sean Spicer talking while hanging from the noose.  The funny thing is that the words are his and the audio is of his actual words.

9 thoughts on “Bristol Condemns the Simpsons, While Gaining Hits to Her Blog!

Add yours

  1. I am going to say that I don’t think bristol has the mental capacity to come up with this. She is really a simpleton. However, her blog writer, notorious for this kind of stuff is consistent. I would throw in her husband to help facilitate this….but bristol coming up with this….lol nope, she is just not that astute. lol


  2. Good afternoon, Bristol – hope this finds you well.

    Your grades are in:
    Ten for Tribalism.
    Zero for not acknowledging Sean’s comments.

    Have a great day.

    ps. Can I borrow $262,500, plus retroactive compounded interest?


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