Children Fight Trump to Protect Their Future!

“The state of the planet is unraveling all around us because of our addiction to fossil fuels,” Xiuhtezcatl Martinez said at the steps of the US Supreme Court this week.
“For the last several decades, we have been neglecting the fact that this is the only planet that we have and that the main stakeholders in this issue (of climate change) are the younger generation. Not only are the youth going to be inheriting every problem that we see in the world today — after our politicians have been long gone — but our voices have been neglected from the conversation.”

Martinez is one of 21 young people taking Trump and members of his administration to federal court over inaction on global warming. On Saturday, several of these “climate kid’ plaintiffs — the youngest is 9 — will walk alongside the chanting and sign-pumping adults at the March for Climate, Jobs and Justice in Washington. That demonstration is a call for a clean energy revolution, and it’s expected to draw thousands. Perhaps fittingly, local forecasts call for potentially record-setting temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Demonstrators plan to converge on the White House.


7 thoughts on “Children Fight Trump to Protect Their Future!

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  1. Thinking this is an inconvenient time in which to live, I now have hope through these kids if they are able to make a difference. People are marching on the WH right now.

    What is so hard to understand about global warming?
    The redeeming thought for today is that the Orange Anus has a BFP (body fat percentage) largely comprised of a huge ass.
    Lard melts at low temps.


  2. But wait, there’s a salvation-based god who will take care of everything, so no one needs to do anything about anything, or even acknowledge anything. Virgin nymphs are waiting in heaven.

    Ignorance is the problem, global warming is but a symptom. Symptom-fixing is just a stupid hopeless waste – fix the source of the problem. Living divinity within, realized, is the solution, not a separate salvation-based god. Look what a belief in, and ignorance of, a mythic god, is doing to our planet.. The pope should tell everyone that Jesus did NOT die for our sins. Wait, they barely acknowledged the earth wasn’t flat.

    Go capitalism. Go America-first.


  3. Good for the children, I will support them all the way. I am happy to see them do this. It is very disgraceful for any adult to continue to harm this planet. It has been polluted for many years and that is not progress. We cannot go backwards, we must continue to move to not pollute, not abuse and walk in peace with our earth.


  4. The millennials are going to clean up the mess my generation, baby boomers, created. They don’t buy the snake oil, generally avoid commercial infested, corporate censored news offered by cable, and are far less biased against any differences. They have “left the building” as far as corporate manipulation of politics and lifestyle. Trump and his Mongol Huns will fade into oblivion.


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