Look Carefully and You’ll See The Reflection of Donald Trump in These Stupid People!

How many videos have you seen highlighting stupid people doing stupid things?  You Tube is going to have to make a new stupid-people video documenting the stupid things Donald Trump has done and said.  The finale’ to the video will be his recent quote about the Presidency.  He said:


What a moron!

Image result for idiot


5 thoughts on “Look Carefully and You’ll See The Reflection of Donald Trump in These Stupid People!

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  1. Maybe Trump has recurring foot problems like spurs or sumpin’ …. Chaffetz does.
    That is what happens when your foot is in your mouth hugely.

    The again, mebbe if the Orange Putz kept it there, there might be some doubt left…the man is an idiot!


  2. He could end the affordable care act by dropping the appeal on US House of Representatives vs Burwell thus letting the lower court ruling stand. Obama care would then collapse.


  3. Sadly all over this country children and adults are behaving badly. They have witnessed a usa president with documented behavioral and mental problems. They watch a documented cheat and LIAR become president from dishonesty. They see that evil is ok, lies are acceptable and alternative facts and truth can win elections. In a young mind this is very damaging to our society and future. We cannot allow this to be normal, we cannot allow those involved to escape public prosecution. We cannot allow this to go on without exposure and corrections. We must publicly shame and show our society right from wrong. We now have a generation of children exposed to the harmful deceitful social media and fake news.

    It is not acceptable to lie, to harm others, to bully, to cause hate and division. The children must see the conviction of criminals and their actions. We must teach morals, manners and respect in our public schools. We must stop alternative school vouchers that teach liars to lie, that teach alternative facts and truth. We must not allow useful idiots to spread fake news through facebook, classmates, twitter or any other type of social platform. We must hold the CEO’s, media owners accountable for damages caused by their unregulated corporations. Donald John Trump is the leader of LIARS and BAD corporations.


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