“Buy American, Hire American,” Unless You Are Ivanka Trump

Remember when David Letterman embarrassed Donald Trump by pointing out that the ties he marketed were made in China?

It appears not much has changed.  Like father, like daughter!  Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is made by the “G-III Apparel Group” which has violated several standard labor practices, according to a report by the Fair Labor Association.

Ivanka Trump Attends W20 Conference In Berlin

“The group, which based its conclusions on a two-day assessment of a factory in China, found that in 2016 workers were being paid about a dollar an hour, with almost 60 hours of work resulting in about $62 of pay a week, reports the Washington Post.”

There are several thing about this abuse of Chinese workers that are problematic:

  1. Trump says economic growth and job creation are top priorities of his administration.  He was elected based on the promise of bringing jobs back to America.  He explained that our companies are leaving America, and “we are going to bring our jobs back.”
    During Trumps inauguration speech he patriotically said that by following “two simple rules: Buy American and hire American” he would make America great again!


More than 53.5 metric tons of Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, bags, and clothes were sailing to American ports in eight shipments.  It sounds like there should be a third rule:  Buy American, Hire American, unless you are Ivanka Trump.

2.  Net sales for the Ivanka Trump collection increased by $17.9 million during the year that ended Jan. 31, 2017.  The sheer volume of net sales would indicate that the fashion line could be produced with American labor, but the profits earned by the Trump family would simply be less.

3.  Ivanka Trump was booed in Germany when she said her father was a “tremendous champion for supporting families.”  Obviously he hasn’t concerned himself with the plight of Chinese families.

4.   Ivanka made new when she wrongly declared that “The single largest expense in over half of American households is childcare, even exceeding the cost of housing,” … “So it’s an enormous problem and it’s one my father is committed to tackling”

In fact the No.1 cost for families is housing.

The latest data on child care comes from a 2011 survey by the U.S. Census Bureau. It found that for all families with children under 15-years-old, child care costs 7 percent of their monthly income.

Not only did Ivanka have her facts wrong, but she wrongly attempts to create the impression she is the champion of working women.

5.  Donald Trump has a long and colorful history of stiffing small businesses who do work for him.  Now Ivanka has simply avoided the step of stiffing American business interests and gone directly to foreign workers who she can underpay with no accountability.

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6 thoughts on ““Buy American, Hire American,” Unless You Are Ivanka Trump

Add yours

    1. Yo Cyber, A free “too.” That’s the snake oil Trump is selling. Vote for me and you will be rich and free to hate “too.” Yes a free “too” is the greatness Trump envisions. No details, just an adverb to leave the minions waiting for their “too.”


  1. KFI AM640 morning radio DJ today was talking about how Trump didn’t want the presidency, how he only wanted to be able to legally change tax laws so it would benefit him once he wasn’t in office, using the presidency for his financial benefit only.
    We know a former Alaskan governor who did this, and even quit her elected post early to start the gravy train, like a giant piece of meat dangling in front of a hungry dog who is going nuts for a taste.
    Is that why Palin was in the oval office last week, to pass along her firsthand experience of what he is doing?


    1. and if he “doesn’t know,” how the businesses he has not divested are being run while potus, he and his crew can tailor the tax laws in the meantime ‘under the radar’, then he can claim sheer circumstance later on.

      everyone that voted for him got taken for a ride. but hey, at least it’s not Hillary. or someone black.


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