Sarah and Todd Palin Promote Proliferation of Ignorance

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Who could forget the image of Sarah Palin from her college days advertising her bust size?  She seemed to be proud of the fact that she was broke.  Todd, Track, Bristol, and Willow are each college age,or above, and none have a college degree.  With the money Sarah has made over the last 9 years it’s clear that her family could have afforded college if it had been a priority.  Certainly Track could have qualified for veterans assistance if he wanted to further his education.  However it seems he has been more interested in beating women and fathering children out of wedlock.

College is becoming less and less affordable to more and more families who are higher and higher on the socioeconomic ladder.  As tuition and other fees have climbed and state funding of public institutions has failed to keep pace with rising costs and growing enrollment, a college education is being priced out of the reach of middle-class and even some upper-middle-class families.

Families earning 48,001 to $75,000 a year had to pay a significant portion of their gross income to send a student to a public four-year nondoctoral institution. On average, it cost 16 percent (in Alaska) to 33 percent (in New Jersey) of their income in 2013, the latest year for which complete statistics were available for the report.

The College Board reports that a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2016–2017 academic year averaged $24,610. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $49,320. The most expensive college tuition averages $68,000 per year. While the rate of increase in college costs has slowed,  the price is still going up. If your child is going to college in 2018 , the projected cost of an elite college from 2018 — 2021 could soar as high as $334,000 for a four year degree.


Though much has been written about President Trump’s proposed budget cuts, little has been said about how his largest proposed cut to public schools, the total elimination of $2.4 billion in Title IIA funds, would likely increase class size across the nation.  The larger the class size in lower and middle school, the greater chance of failure of the students.

The Trump administration’s new “America First” budget, slashes funds for the Education Department by 13.5 percent, or $9.2 billion.

In addition to eliminating Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), which offer need-based aid to around 1.6 million low-income undergraduates each year, the Trump administration wants to “significantly” reduce Federal Work-Study program for college students. These work-study programs have typically been successful at helping students graduate and find employment post-college.

Trump’s budget proposal also calls for around $200 million in cuts to federal TRIO programs, which benefit low-income, first-generation, and disabled students, and GEAR UP, a program that helps prepare low-income middle and high-school students for college. The clear implication is that Trump would send more soldiers into battle without first educating them.  Why educate soldiers if they are going to be killed or suffer from PTSD an be unable to earn a living?

Sarah Palin has posted this picture to her Facebook of a soldier suffering from PTSD, with the caption:

“Want Free College; Earn It”

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It is offensive that Palin would use a picture of a soldier suffering from PTSD for any purpose.  It is even more offensive to suggest that soldiers have to earn a college education by being so traumatized that they suffer from PTSD.  It’s equally sickening to see Palin criticize young people who are willing to work hard in college to better themselves and our country simply because they are unable to pay the price of an education.  The advantages of a college degree are indisputable.  An average  college graduate earns $46,000, while those without a college degree earn an average of $32,000.  Additionally, many  jobs require a college degree.  Internships are often available to college students to teach them skills they will need upon graduation.  Those same opportunities are not available to students who only have a high school degree.

The worst thing about Sarah Palin’s condemnation of students who seek a college degree is that she and Todd have profited off women who are destitute and unable to obtain further education to get themselves out of poverty.

In June of 2016 Jeb Bush wrote:

“Our struggling education system has produced results that see American students ranked 24th internationally in reading and 36th in math. That is an alarming result, especially since innovation has created a competitive global economy in which knowledge has become the chief commodity. Many workers don’t have the skills to compete in the 21st-century job market. A report out last November by McKinsey & Company forecasted that nearly half of the jobs American workers are paid to perform — representing $2 trillion in wages annually in the U.S. — could be automated in some way using current technology. To put it bluntly, a baby born into poverty today, without a quality education, will never be able to secure a good job in his or her lifetime. Education should be the great equalizer in our society, one that provides the opportunity for every individual to rise, yet sadly, the divide has gotten bigger and bigger….

This new generation confronts a historically competitive global economy while also inheriting responsibility for our debt and entitlement programs. To succeed, for our nation to succeed, they will have to be the best-educated and most skilled generation of Americans in our history.”

It is UNCONSCIONABLE  for Sarah Palin to condemn students who seek a better education.

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  1. College requires so much more than money. it requires a student to make a serious effort, working while going to college, help from family, and keeping at it until it is done. One of my granddaughters ( 27) just got her first full time teaching assignment. She will be teaching in the Math Dept. at Long Beach Univ. She was selected out of 600 applicants. Am I bragging? Yes, I am.
    She said she feels like she has been going to school her whole life – which is practically true – minus the first 4 years.
    The Palin family does not respect or even know what kind of commitment that is.

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    1. Pat,
      Congratulations on your granddaughter! I know, understand, and appreciate the effort our young people make to pursue a higher education. When I think of my family and kids, and how hard each worked, it is outrageous to me that Palin continues to promote ignorance.


    2. Congratulations on your daughter’s success. CSULB is an excellent university. I graduated from there with two degrees. It was a rigorous education.


  2. Instead of negating parents success at raising 3 adult kids who have supported themselves since they graduated high school, why not discuss how times are changing and thousands who graduated college are working at Starbucks because jobs these days, unless it’s a purely professional job (law, medical), companies don’t require college degrees. Why are you hating good parents who raise independent kids, who worked in high school, who had no adolescent problems that prevented good standing in sports and school.

    Where are the jobs? They’re in independent consulting and multilevel marketing (the legit organizations) where SAHMs work to earn that Lexus when she accumulates enough people under her.

    That is where the jobs are. In shakes, makeup, smoothies, and skincare. People want to stay home and are using their talents and networks to make a living.

    The hate on your page, along with the manipulative tone, is offensive to many. Talk about out of touch.

    Do you see republicans hating on Chelsea Clinton for running to mommy and daddy because she’s “lost” and they give her half a mil at their foundation to do whatever God know what? No. That is her prerogative. I comment her as long as she’s doing what she wants.


  3. Surprised you have no comment on Joe Biden’s famous 1.4 GPA and his son’s longstanding problems? Maybe because you know you don’t know either of them. But funny thing, you don’t know these people you’re maligning for no reason either. People who take no handouts, and parents who raise kids who purchase things they want starting in secondary school and would rather be homeless than take parental $$ as an adult. The blogosphere is what makes this country and world a bad place. So much ignorance, and manipulation, truth will never be a “thing” again. Bloggers are allergic to truth and live to invent and perpetuate whom they think strangers are.


  4. Malia – Good one! As an aside, if Nevah (the troll with many names) really thinks the “blogosphere is what makes this country and world a bad place”, then they should find a job In “shakes, makeup, smoothies, and skincare” . Maybe Nevah should call Bristol and find out how to get a job selling diet and energizing drinks while pregnant! LOL


  5. During Mrs. Clinton’s Presidential campaign against Donald Trump she emphasized that citizens should have to pay for their education. I thought this was a strong talking point, but she didn’t push on it. Education was much cheaper before the government got involved. When the government introduced free money into the college market colleges increased tuition. By reducing the money supply colleges are forced to lower tuition in order to attach students. Second, education belongs to the states not the Federal government. Why do we need brick and more education facilities when tutoring can be done at home over the Internet. The public school system teaches children to “submit to the state”. Home schoolers are not taught to serve the state, but that the state is to serve them.


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